Renowned business, community leaders Angie and Danny Signorelli issue statement in opposition to Woodlands incorporation

Renowned community and business leaders Angie Signorelli (right) and Danny Signorelli (left).

The Woodlands, February 10 – Renowned community and business leaders Danny Signorelli and Angie Signorelli have issued a statement in opposition to incorporation of The Woodlands as a city. Over the past three or so years, the Woodlands Township Board of Directors has led an intense and comprehensive study into the question whether or not The Woodlands, which is currently a Township, should incorporate into a home-rule city under Texas law.

The Signorellis’ statement follows:

“We strongly are against The Woodlands incorporating into a city.   Incorporating into a city is not only too expensive. It offers very little upside to the residents and businesses of The Woodlands other than a defensive mechanism from a city of Houston annexation that cannot occur for nearly 40 years from today.
“In our opinion, operating police, engineering, road maintenance, and the multitude of employees required to operate a city are a massive, unnecessary expense.
“The Township is an elected body with substantial power and discretion, as they operate from sales tax generated from the retail businesses.   As a regional destination, that sales tax is funded by residents all over the county and well beyond.  That is a net positive for The Woodlands and it would be a shame to dilute the prosperity of the community through new layers of government and certain waste and inefficiency.
“In our opinion, the only problem The Woodlands needs to solve for is extending the 40 year safety net further down the road through Legislative efforts.  And we have 40 years to make that happen.
“Please let us know how we can help.”
Angie and Danny Signorelli have made a major business investment in The Woodlands in the Signorelli Companies, which build residential communities and commercial centers. The Signorelli Companies will open their World Headquarters Building in April, 2019, on Woodlands Parkway near the front of The Woodlands.
Angie Signorelli is a therapist and social worker. Danny Signorelli’s degree from Texas A&M University was in Economics. He is known as a community planner and community builder with some of the most successful communities in the United States, although he has no development business interest in The Woodlands. Their children go to school in The Woodlands. The Signorellis consider The Woodlands and Montgomery County their home.
Danny Signorelli added, “This issue is about a wild card tax burden that will mess up something wonderful.   And, after the mistakes are made, we will need much higher local taxes to pay for the mess up and another layer of bureaucracy which is why people left the city to move here in the first place.”





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