Reform hero, former Montgomery County government leader Bosma announces his 2018 endorsements

Reform hero, former Montgomery County government leader Bosma announces his 2018 endorsements

Image: Former Montgomery County Director of Infrastructure Mark Bosma who ran for Montgomery County Judge as a Republican in 2014 but lost to Craig Doyal in the Republican Runoff Election.

Conroe and Ingram, January 13 – Reform leader and hero and former Montgomery County Director of Infrastructure Mark Bosma, who has been central to efforts to clean up the corruption in the Montgomery County government, announced his endorsements for the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election yesterday to The Golden Hammer. Bosma remains actively involved in Montgomery County politics even though his primary residence is now in Kerr County and he works as the City Administrator for the City of Ingram, Texas.

Who is Mark Bosma?

Mark Edward Bosma almost became Montgomery County Judge in 2014. He received the most votes in the 2018 Republican Primary Election. Bosma has received the endorsement and strong support of the Texas Patriots Tea Party PAC during the Primary Election. Bosma sought to clean up the corruption he had uncovered while working as a County employee.

In an act of desperation, however, then Precinct 2 County Commissioner Craig Doyal, Duane Ham, and certain other individuals created a fake Tea Party under the name of “Texas Conservative Tea Party Coalition” to confuse voters in the Republican Runoff Election two months after the primary. The fake Tea Party group was able to confuse voters at the polls with paid poll workers who handed out a fake voters guide endorsing Doyal and Charlie Riley, who ran for Precinct 2 County Commissioner and was Doyal’s Precinct Operations Manager since 2002 when Riley and his wife Deanne had filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy after failing to make ends meet in the private sector.

Doyal barely defeated Bosma in the Runoff. Doyal placed Bosma at the top of Doyal’s “Hit List” of County employees Doyal wanted to fire for political reasons. When Doyal became the Montgomery County Judge on January 1, 2015, one of Doyal’s first actions was to remove Bosma a Director of Infrastructure by “allowing” Bosma to retire and eliminating the infrastructure position entirely. Around the same time, Doyal sought to consolidate his political control of the County government by taking management and oversight power away from the Commissioners Court itself, which such actions violated the Texas Constitution which put those powers within the jurisdiction of the Commissioners Court.

Bosma had worked for the City of Hunsville for 7 years before he began to work for Montgomery County. He worked for the Montgomery County government for 23 years. Bosma was the Director of Purchasing from 1992 to 2006 and then became Director of Infrastructure, a position which oversaw several County departments including Purchasing, in 2006.

After Doyal shoved Bosma out of the County government, Bosma moved to Kerr County in 2015.

“I’m proud that I was at the top of Craig Doyal’s ‘Hit List,'” Bosma told this newspaper. “I’m still working to clean up some of the corruption I discovered in the Montgomery County government. I’ve also been following all of the politics occurring in Conroe and Montgomery County since 2015.”

Bosma’s endorsements for 2018

Bosma told The Golden Hammer that voters in Montgomery County are clearly “ready for reform” in 2018. Therefore, Bosma wanted to “let my friends know my recommendations so we can clean up the County together.”

The following are Bosma’s endorsements for the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election.

County Judge: Mark Keough. Bosma explained, “Mark Keough is the right person for the job of County Judge. He’s an important part of the reform necessary. What Craig Doyal has shown during the past four years is that its more important to Craig to be the County Judge than to do what’s right.”

County Treasurer: Melanie Pryor Bush. Bosma told this newspaper, “Melanie Bush is the best candidate. Reform is necessary as the County Treasurer’s Office should be a key aspect to cleaning up the financial system of the County government.”

Bosma has closely followed the incumbent Stephanne Davenport’s efforts to keep hidden her office procedures manual from the public and from public scrutiny. Of that, Bosma remarked, “Stephanne Davenport’s efforts to keep her policies and procedures hidden are totally inappropriate. I agree with County Attorney J.D. Lambright that she’s just exercise political gamesmanship and should make this information public. It’s the game her husband Marc Davenport plays and how he operates.”

County Commissioner, Precinct Two: Gregory Parker. Bosma explained, “It’s time for Charlie Riley to go. He’s under indictment. There’s a second Grand Jury investigating him for other matters. Any government official that has that many legal problems needs to go.”

As for Riley’s challengers, Bosma said, “Gregory Parker is the best candidate. Parker is a fresh face who understands how County governments work. Brian Dawson is somewhat disingenuous. Dawson was the president of the fake Tea Party that was set up to misguide people. When you’re an adult, you should know better than doing that.”

County Commissioner, Precinct Four: Bob Bagley. Bosma had favorable comments about two of the three candidates but clearly favors one. “I appreciate how Jimbo [Clark, the Precinct 4 County Commissioner and incumbent] is trying to change his ways. He’s actually making some good progress. But Bob Bagley is the candidate of choice, if you believe it’s time to get rid of the good ol’ boy network.”

Montgomery County Clerk: Mark Turnbull. Bosma explained that citizens should recognize “Mark Turnbull has done a fine job as our County Clerk. If Turnbull will truly serve a full term if he’s re-elected, then I’d support that,” Bosma said.

Montgomery County District Clerk: Melisa Miller. Bosma noted that in his County jobs, he often worked closely with both the District Clerk and the County Clerk. Therefore, he knows Melisa Miller, who is running for District Clerk, very well. “Melissa for sure is the right person for Montgomery County District Clerk. I’ve known her a long time and worked with that office. Melisa Miller has always been there to take care of business and has a lot of integrity as well as the experience to bring the needed reforms to the District Clerk’s Office.”




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