Reese steals car to high tail to meth dealer

Brittany Reese really needed meth badly, so she stole a car to get some.

Spring, June 27 – While on patrol on June 27, 2019, just after midnight, Montgomery County Constable Precinct 3 Deputy Offord observed a vehicle parked at a closed convenient store at Rayford Road and Brookchase Drive.  Deputy Offord saw two people walking away as he ran the registration and found that the car was stolen out of Conroe.

The two suspects walking away were detained. As the Deputy talked to them, Brittany Reese admitted to stealing the car in Conroe and using it to drive to a drug dealer to get some methamphetamines.  Reese stated the car was left running in parking lot, so she stole it.

Brittany Reese was charged with unauthorized use of motor vehicle, a state jail felony, and booked into the Montgomery County Jail.

Constable Ryan Gable’s team nabbed another crook.



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