Red Light Cameras going dark across Texas…except in City of Magnolia: Guest Article by Kelli Cook

By Kelli Cook, Guest Reporter to The Golden Hammer
All Across Texas, June 5 – Red Light Cameras are going dark all across Texas! Except in Magnolia…
Governor Greg Abbott signed the Red Light Camera ban bill which Senator Bob Hall and Representative Jonathon Stickland sponsored.  The popular bill passed with a 2/3rds majority in both houses of the Texas Legislature.  Therefore, it became law as soon as the Governor signed it on June 1st.
The majority of major cities, over 20 thus far, have already stopped the program, such as Austin, Sugarland, Fort Worth and Willis.
The bill allowed cities that did not have an opt out clause, to be “grandfathered in”.  But even some of those cities, like Willis, have found a way to respect the will of the people and the nature of the law and have ended the unconstitutional “$SCAMera” program as of June 1st.
And then there’s Magnolia…..
Magnolia’s red light camera contract is conveniently posted on the city website for everyone to read.  It does allow the city to terminate the contract in the case of adverse state legislation.
Magnolia’s city municipal clerk says the city administrator, Paul Mendes, hasn’t decided yet if they will stop the program or not.
Magnolia may decide to keep mailing out the unenforceable camera tickets that mislead people into sending their hard earned money to an out-of-state corporation that takes no oath to the Texas Constitution and only stays in business, if they can convince people that they ran red lights.
Regardless whether the Magnolia city administrator keeps trying to fool people or not, know this: there is absolutely no way to enforce this unconstitutional scam under the statute, which Governor Abbott signed and the Texas Legislature passed.
So feel free to throw your tickets in the garbage or mail them to the City of Magnolia:
Attn. Paul Mendes
18111 Buddy Riley Blvd.
Magnolia, Texas 77354.
Kelli Cook, a rancher, is Gulf Coast Regional Chair of the Campaign for Liberty, Finance Committee Chair of the Montgomery County Republican Party, and Co-Chair of the Montgomery County Republican Party Victory 2020 Steering Committee. 



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