Recent Wayne Mack forays push ethics envelope

Montgomery and Willis, August 26 – While consistently invoking the Lord’s name, Wayne Mack, a justice of the peace for Precinct 1, practices a mean spirited version of politics and consistently pushes the envelope of ethics. Two advertisements Mack has issued during the past week involve highly questionable practices.

Code of Ethics violation?

During the past week, Mack has continued to promote his so-called “prayer breakfast” which is actually a re-election fundraiser. Unlike typical prayer breakfasts or worship events where God is the focus, Mack’s October 12, 2017, fundraiser has clearly made Mack the focus with God merely as the politician’s tool for raising political funds. If the event were a prayer breakfast, the funds would and should go to missionary activities, economically-challenged children, or some other worthy charity. The funds for Mack’s “prayer” event will go to Mack’s political campaign.

In the past ten days, however, Mack has crossed the line of ethics even further. Now, he has asked individuals who want to attend the event or contribute money as “sponsors” to contact Brandie Lopez at her cell telephone number.

Wayne Mack’s advertising for his political fundraiser with Brandie Lopez’ name emblazoned at the top.

The problem arises, because Lopez is a full-time Montgomery County employee who works as Mack’s Court Coordinator. Eleven people have reported to The Golden Hammer that they’ve contacted Lopez during Court business hours and spoken to Lopez during time periods when she was working and obviously not on any sort of break from the official court business.

The Montgomery County Code of Ethics, which became effective February 1, 2017, specifically provides:

“Non-elected County Public Servants shall not engage in political activities during any hours he is paid to actually work for the county.”

Section XII.1, Code of Ethics.

While Mack’s court operations run rather loose – both ethically and budgetarily – Mack should rein himself and Lopez in immediately and stop the political activity during the hours when the taxpayers are paying Mack and Lopez to work as County employees.

False advertising

Mack is a wonderful promoter of Mack. That’s what he seems to do almost 24 hours per day.

Mack’s latest self-promotion is a book he is self-publishing entitled “The Directed Path: Using God’s Compass.” Mack has made the introduction to the book available online. The book contains no original ideas, while the writing quality is quite poor. The title of the book is closely similar to several other books already available in the market.

A poorly written book doesn’t raise ethical problems.

But false advertising does raise ethical problems. Specifically, Mack is advertising “THE DIRECTED PATH, being published by Triumph Press…” That is false advertising. In actuality, Mack is self-publishing the book. Triumph Press is merely a printing press which will print books of people who wish to market and sell their books without going through agents, editors, or publishers.

If Mack is to follow a “directed path…using God’s compass,” hopefully Mack will find the direction to speak truthfully about the book he is selling to promote himself.




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