Really 3 major political parties in the United States

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

What the Montgomery County community has witnessed during the past month, since the County Republican Executive Committee, voted to decentralize authority and to disperse the power the County Chairman, 88-year-old Wally Wilkerson, has exercised, we’ve actually witness tangible proof of the reality that there are three political parties in the United States, in Texas, and in Montgomery County. The three parties are Republican Conservatives, establishment followers, and socialists.

First, let’s be clear. A slight majority of the citizens of Montgomery County are Republican Conservatives, while probably about 30% are establishment followers, and the remainder socialists.

Who are people who exemplify each group?

Republican Conservatives include State Representative Mark Keough, County Clerk Mark Turnbull, and citizen-activist Kelli Cook.

Establishment followers include Precinct 2 democrat candidate Ron Keichline, County GOP Chairman Wally Wilkerson, County Commissioner Charlie Riley, and Wayne Mack.

Socialists include Woodlands Township Director Carol Stromatt, Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador, the entire Magnolia ISD Board of Directors, and the working majority of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservative District which has imposed groundwater use restrictions and encourage a government monopoly in the hands of the San Jacinto River Authority.

What are these groups?

The establishment followers are just that. They benefit from government power and spending, so they fight to support it. Some real estate developers fall within that category while many other real estate developers are outside of it. The members of this group don’t care about issues, such as lower taxes and lower government spending, especially because the don’t want anything to change the status quo that would threaten their ability to enjoy economic benefits from government largesse. These people focus on personal power and personal interest over adherence to any principle.

As we’ve witnessed the defenders of Wally Wilkerson, it’s become clear that his strongest adherents are individuals who place personal loyalty far above the actions of the people to whom they show that loyalty. That’s how the establishment followers operate.

Wayne Mack is an interesting type of establishment follower known as the narcissist-religiositist. Mack doesn’t actually support any conservative principles, but he attempts to appeal to Christian conservatives with a fake religiosity that pervades every things he says and does. There are many of these types in this community. People who will discuss their religious beliefs endlessly, especially when they use the term “blessed” to describe themselves. Notice how different Shenandoah’s Betty Anderson, a truly dedicated Christian lady and Christian conservative, is from the narcissist-religiositists. Anderson is very religious and completely committed to her faith. Nevertheless, Anderson doesn’t hesitate to commit to positions on issues, such as abortion, government spending, and property tax reform, which such positions emanate from her religious faith.

While establishment followers may be mostly Republican in Montgomery County, in reality, the party label means very little to them. They’d be establishment followers anywhere they go. (Sadly, Wilkerson started in 1964 as a true Republican Conservative but shifted away between the 1970s and 1990s.)

Republican Conservatives believe that government interference is morally justifiable only when absolutely necessary. In the 1980s and 1990s, liberal Republicans attempted to divide the Party into “social conservatives” and “fiscal conservatives.” What those liberals called “fiscal conservatives” were actually people who weren’t conservative at all. Social conservatives have learned an important lesson during the past thirty years: government power never protects individual liberties with the exception of law enforcement and national defense. Generally, however, government makes taking liberties away from individual citizens a primary purpose of government’s existence. As a result, social conservatives and true fiscal conservatives, who want less government spending, have become one and the same in the political world of 2018.

Finally, there are socialists. Those people don’t want to preserve their financial position in society as do establishment followers. Rather, they want government to provide everyone with their financial position in society. Those people really exist. They exist in our local community. They believe genuinely that government is the appropriate source of moral definition. They believe government is the solution to every problem. They are here. They’re ready to fight. They’re happy to align with the establishment followers when it helps their cause.




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