Ready to let the government raise your children? Send them to Willis High School, as English teacher Lane pronounces government predominance over parents

Ready to let the government raise your children? Send them to Willis High School, as English teacher Lane pronounces government predominance over parents

Image: Willis High School English teacher Anthony Lane doesn’t believe parents should be sovereign over their children but rather that teachers know better what moral believes to engender in children.

Willis, November 14 – Since at least 1923, in the United States Supreme Court decision of Meyer versus Nebraska, it has continuously been the law of the United States that parents have the right to direct the religious upbringing of their children and to control the process of their children’s education.

Willis Independent School District (WISD) has broken out as a major leader in flaunting that legal principle and in asserting that government should make the decisions what morals children should learn and should control decisions unilaterally how to educate children. Soon after parents learned that WISD’s Willis High School had invited a drag queen, a professional sexually-oriented business entertainer, into the school to teach an October 18, 2019, cosmetology class, the uproar seemed to bring out the worst in WISD administrators and educators.

Despite the uproar over her decision to bring a sexually-oriented professional entertainer to teach children, Willis High School Principal Stephanie Hodgins spoke at a November 11 school board meeting and defiantly said, “The issue is whether this is helping children to grow academically?” That a high school principal would even consider that an unlicensed (in both sex and in cosmetology) purveyor of sexual entertainment should act as an educator displays a callous disregard for the quality of academics at WISD.

Another speaker at the November 11 school board meeting was a genuinely frightening English teacher by the name of Anthony Lane. Lane argued to the assembled crowd of irate parents, “I would argue we should go further than a drag queen and teach acceptance of LGBTQ diversity.”

Willis High School English teacher Anthony Lane: the man who wants to take over your children.

What Lane didn’t disclose to the intensely-concerned parents at the November 11 meeting, however, was that he sincerely believes that government should teach diversity as morality despite the conflicting political and religious beliefs of parents.

On October 26, Lane wrote a frightening post on social media:

“I believe that raising a child is the responsibility of he community, and that parents should not have the final say. Let’s be honest, some of you don’t know what is best for your kids…

“Parents believe they should be able to storm the school in the name of political and religious beliefs if something happens in the school that they are morally opposed to. They forget that we make a promise to prepare their children to live in a diverse world. We are not required to protect the misguided, bigoted views of their parents.

“If you want your children educated with your values, find a private school that will do it. The public education system is not here to serve your archaic beliefs.”

Lane believes that, just because he happens to have gotten a job as a government employee with an English degree, somehow he has the moral authority to “promise to prepare…children to live in a diverse world…” and to storm the political and religious beliefs of parens with his personal world view.

Clearly speaking for the public education establishment which controls Willis public education, Lane has turned American law on its head. Unilaterally, Lane and the WISD administration have determined they have the right to overturn 96 years of American law and take control of the process of children’s education away from parents.

Lane and Hodgins reveal that the issues facing WISD go far beyond a drag queen appearing in one cosmetology class. Rather, WISD’s administration and faculty fundamentally misunderstand that as government employees in public education they work for parents and taxpayers who have every right to control and oversee their actions.

Lane, Hodgins, and WISD work for us.



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