Rats (also known as democrats) come out, begin political dirty tricks this time against Commissioner Noack

Rats (also known as democrats) come out, begin political dirty tricks this time against Commissioner Noack

Image: The new symbol of democrats, who have made dirty tricks their credo.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe and The Woodlands, December 11 – Montgomery County democrats are up to their dirty tricks again. They seem to have no limit to the shenanigans in which they’re willing to engage, as the behavior of Rashmi Gupta and her campaign team during the recent Woodlands Township Board of Directors election revealed. Gupta had been the Montgomery County manager for democrat former burglar Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s United States Senate campaign in 2018.

Now, a democrat opponent of popular incumbent Republican Precinct 3 Montgomery County Commissioner James Noack, who is running for re-election in 2020, refuses to show the public her filing petition, while democrat County Chairman Marc Meyer has assisted her in the stonewalling effort. The democrat, Lori Jones, filed for Precinct 3 Montgomery County Commissioner near the end of the day on the last day to file, Monday, December 9, 2019.

Initially, Jones had indicated that she had filed by gathering petition signatures in lieu of a filing fee. Nevertheless, when Noack’s campaign sought a copy of Jones’ petition, neither Jones nor Meyer would proffer the normally public document.

Allen Blakemore, Noack’s campaign spokesman, offered these comments:

  • “The Noack Campaign made a simple request this morning to obtain a copy of the Ms. Jones filing application and any accompanying petitions. The response from the democratic Party was less than satisfying. First, Party staff said the Chairman was not in and therefore they could not respond to the request.  Second, Party staff indicated that the documents had been removed from the headquarters and were in the possession of the Chairman.  Third, party staff said that all communications would have to go through the Party’s legal counsel – but refused to identify that person or divulge contact information.
  • “Just before lunchtime today, email communication was received that the democrats were working to make the documents available at attorney Claire Lindsay’s office in The Woodlands sometime later in the day – but could not specify a time.
  • “All these documents are public records, statutorily available for public inspection.  Republican and democratic Party offices in 254 counties in Texas routinely respond to similar request and make them available.  Montgomery County democrats are stonewalling.  The documents have been making their way around the county.  Yet so far, no one has been allowed in inspect them.
  • “Political dirty tricks?  Certainly, many questions remain unanswered.”

Late in the day on Tuesday, December 10, however, Noack and Blakemore made clear this matter was very serious and might very well lead to legal action.

“The plot thickens,” Blakemore said. “First, democrats say candidate filed by petition then claimed that the candidate filed by check. All this seems to have taken place out of public view and late in the day – perhaps even after the 6 p.m. deadline.

Blakemore, Noack’s spokesman continued, “I smell a rat! The James Noack Campaign is preparing to take legal action against the democrat Party Chair Marc Meyer and shine a bright light on these democrat Party shenanigans. We will release information regarding our legal actions in the coming days.”

Meyer has filed to run as a democrat for 457th District Court. Therefore, one might expect that he would try at least to show some appearance of following Texas Election law.




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