“Quiet Lady From Magnolia” Russell fearlessly fights school districts on curriculum issues

“Quiet Lady From Magnolia” Russell fearlessly fights school districts on curriculum issues

Image: Ginger Russell, the “Quiet Lady From Magnolia,” fearlessly spoke to the Magnolia Independent School District Board about the threats of the International Baccalaureate program on August 23, 2021.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Magnolia and Austin, August 30 – The “Quiet Lady From Magnolia,” Ginger Russell, an education expert, elected Republican Precinct Chair, and Montgomery County Republican Party Area Coordinator, has fearlessly continued her fight to remove liberal indoctrination from Texas public schools. She’s done so regardless of opposition from power players within her own community who have attempted to support personality politics over the principles of the Republican Party and of freedom-minded conservatives.

In the past month, Texas Monthly, the longtime spokespaper for Texas’ liberal community, published an article bemoaning Russell’s increasing influence statewide. In particular, Russell should receive much of the credit for the authorship and passage of House Bill 3979, the legislation, which the 87th Texas Legislature passed to ban the teaching of “critical race theory” in social studies classes in Texas’ public schools. State Representative Steve Toth, Republican of Conroe and a longtime friend and ally of Russell’s, was the author of House Bill 3979 and who received national attention for his masterful work in shepherding the legislation through the passage.

The Quiet Lady From Magnolia Ginger Russell (right) shown with The Golden Hammer‘s Publisher Kelli Cox (left).

In her own community of Magnolia, where Russell is not only an elected GOP Precinct Chair but also the Area Coordinator overseeing all of the Republican Precinct Chairs there, Russell has been a longtime critic of Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley for his pro-Big Government voting record despite his election as a “Republican.” Riley has a close relationship with the Magnolia Independent School District (Magnolia ISD), which openly supports Riley in his electoral efforts. Therefore, when Russell criticizes the curriculum of Magnolia ISD, Riley and his political machine, sometimes referred to as the “Magnolia Mafia,” take her criticism very personally.

Russell has recently brought the perils of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program taught in Magnolia ISD’s two high schools to light. The IB program appears in the curriculum of over one hundred (100) high schools in Texas, although very few parents seem to have full awareness of the indoctrination, which their children suffer. Please see “Texas Public Schools Teaching International Baccalaureate Program Raise Questions Whether Curriculum Fits American, Texas Values,” The Golden Hammer, August 12, 2021, https://thegoldenhammer.net/texas-public-schools-teaching-international-baccalaureate-program-raise-questions-whether-curriculum-fits-american-texas-values/

This past Monday, an enormous crowd of citizens appeared before the Magnolia ISD Board of Trustees during their monthly meeting. Most of the speakers agreed with Russell that the school district should stop indoctrinating children through the IB program. Approximately one hundred and twelve (112) students participate in Magnolia ISD’s IB curriculum at its two high schools.

To thunderous applause, Russell briefly outlined some of the problems with the IB program to the Magnolia ISD Board on Monday, August 23:

“You sent out a letter to the [Magnolia Independent School] District staff that the International Baccalaureate program is not part of the UN, is not Marxist, and not indoctrinating our students.

“Is it affiliated with the United Nations? Here is the document from UNESCO, which is the cultural arm of the United Nations. The International Baccalaureate is a non-governmental organization of the UN. Here is the United Nations international school. Their curriculum is anchored in the International Baccalaureate program.

“Does it indoctrinate students to be global citizens? Here is the Magnolia High School handbook for the IB program. The coordinator says, ‘create worldly and global citizens.’ Here is a picture of all the IB kids at the beginning of the year. A student said, ‘IB’s idea of a global citizen…” and it goes on to tell you what that is. Here are two directors from the IB program, Ian Hill and George Walker. Ian Hill says, ‘The primary goal of IB is to promote world citizenship…

“Is it Marxist? Here is a Tweet by the International Baccalaureate program promoting Black Lives Matter that they stand in solitarity with it. Here’s an IB document [from IB’s website] “promoting social justice and equality so work towards a more equal distribution of wealth.” Here’s another IB document which includes topics for diversity, cultural inclusion, social emotional learning. Here’s an IB magazine promoting gender neutral schools. Last time I checked, there are two genders in the Bible. Here’s a call for disarmament from the IB organization. The history of IB includes John Dewey who is the father of progressive education. He authored The Humanist Manifesto. Alec Peterson, another influencer in the IB program who wrote ‘IB is based upon deeply liberal humanist beliefs.’

“I think we need to rethink this. This isn’t personal at all.”

[Thunderous applause.]

Several other Republican leaders spoke in support of Russell’s position at the same Magnolia ISD Board meeting, including John Hill Wertz, the Montgomery County Republican Party Treasurer, Cathy Locetta, a Republican Precinct Chair, and Calvin Russell, the Quiet Lady From Magnolia’s husband, among others.

Russell has faced off with other school boards, including Conroe ISD, the 12th largest school district in Texas, and many others over curriculum reform matters.

What is clear is that, as Russell and her thousands of allies across Texas increase their influence, conservatives have become far more effective in their efforts to confront the liberal indoctrination of schoolchildren inside of Texas’ public schools.

The following are small sample of the slides from Russell’s Power Point presentation about the IB program:





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