Protesters descend on downtown Conroe to remind of County Judge Keough’s business, church shutdown mandates

Protesters descend on downtown Conroe to remind of County Judge Keough’s business, church shutdown mandates

Image: A bear, an elephant, and a Tyrannosaurus rex reminded Montgomery County citizens that Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough orders churches and businesses to shut down on March 27, 2020, before Texas Governor Greg Abbott and before any other Republican elected official in Texas ordered a shutdown. Keough was the only elected official in Texas, Republican or Democrat, who ordered churches to shut down.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, February 17 – Political protesters dressed as a bear, an elephant, and a dinosaur appeared before Pacific Yard House in Conroe on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, during a poorly-attended event for Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough’s re-election campaign. They protested Keough’s shutdown of churches and businesses, which he has attempted to deny and claim never happened.

Keough has repeatedly said he “kept Montgomery County open” during the coronavirus pandemic, when, in fact, on March 27, 2020, Keough was the only elected official in all of Texas to shut down churches, was the first Republican elected official to shut down businesses, and was the only elected official during the entire pandemic to impose an adult curfew.

The protesters’ signs read:



“Can’t BEAR Tyrants”

“Keough Taught Abbott How 2 Shutdown.”

Keough’s shutdown occurred four days before Texas Governor Greg Abbott imposed a statewide shutdown and carried with it criminal penalties – fines and imprisonment – for anyone who didn’t obey Keough’s illegal orders. Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson and several law enforcement officials announced that they refused to enforce Keough’s illegal shutdown orders.

Keough’s closure of churches occurred right before Easter Sunday. Many smaller Montgomery County churches never reopened, because Keough did not lift his order for almost a full month.

Keough’s closure of businesses distinguished “essential” from “non-essential” businesses. Keough classified liquor stores and car dealerships (where his son works) as “essential” businesses. Unemployment skyrocketed to 25%, according to Montgomery County Budget Office Director Amanda Carter, as a result of Keough’s shutdown. Suicides also skyrocketed and exceeded the number of deaths from COVID-19 during the month of Keough’s illegal shutdown order.

Keough imposed the adult curfew, as he explained, in response to a burglary of his personal church property during the night of March 26.

The County Judge has attempted to “gaslight” local voters into believing he never imposed the shutdown.




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