Pro-Reform citizens seize all 7 LSGCD seats in historic first election; giant rebuff to groundwater regulation, SJRA

Pro-Reform citizens seize all 7 LSGCD seats in historic first election; giant rebuff to groundwater regulation, SJRA

Image: Left to right, Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD) Board member-elect Harry Hardman, LSGCD Board member Webb Melder, Restore Affordable Water (RAW) President Simon Sequeira, LSGCD Board member-elect Jonathan Prykryl, and RAW Board member Michael Stoecker celebrated at the RAW Election Watch Party on November 6, 2018. All seven reform candidates won election to the LSGCD Board in the General Election.

Conroe, November 8 – After the 85th Texas Legislature set the election for the historic first citizens-elected Board of Directors for the Lone State Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD) on November 6, 2018, Pro-Reform conservative citizens seized the opportunity by electing seven of the seven Board members from candidates who had pledged to fight against excessive and unnecessary groundwater regulations that force water users to purchase water instead from surface water monopolist, the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA).

Source: Montgomery County Elections Administrator.

In Position 1, representing Commissioners Precinct 1, Stuart Traylor eked out 100% of the votes, as he did not face any opposition.

Position 2, representing Commissioners Precinct 2, saw businessman Jim Spigener win the election with 59.10% of the votes against Garry Oakley.

The race, which drew the most candidates, was Position 3, representing Commissioners Precinct 3. Jon Paul Bouche, a firebrand conservative who is a Republican Precinct Chair in Oak Ridge North and a member of the Montgomery County Republican Party Steering Committee, easily won the four-person election with 44.93% of the vote. Bouche, and insurance agent and realtor, received 13,103, almost 5,000 votes more than the second-place finisher, Christina Moore. Incumbent LSGCD Board President Rick Moffatt only received 18.97% of the vote. Richard Rankel received 7.10%.

The top voting percentage recipient was Jonathan Prykryl, who won election to Position 4, representing Commissioners Precinct 4. Prykryl, a Harris County District Attorney investigator who lives in New Caney, received 12,522 votes, or 63.40%, to Gail Carney’s 7,228 votes, or 36.60%.

The most competitive race was the Countywide At-Large Position 5, which pitted incumbent Board member Gregg Hope, whom democrats/Riley PAC members supported. Hope lost to popular businessman Harry Hardman. Hardman received 39.44%  with 38,543 votes and Hope received 37.83% with 36,974 votes. Former Montgomery County Hospital District Board Chairman Francis Bourgeois received 22,216 votes, or 22.73%.

The most high-profile race included former Conroe Mayor Webb Melder, who received 61.24%, 7,373 votes, to defeat Jackie W. Chance, Sr., who received 38.76%, 4,666 votes. Melder won the Position 6 race to represent the City of Conroe.

Larry Rogers, a retired businessman and Republican Precinct Chair, won 54.19% of the vote, 11,427 votes, in the Woodlands Township Position 7 race. Rogers defeated retired engineer Kent Maggert who garnered 27.07%, 5,708 votes, and Emery E. Gallagher who received 18.73%, 3,950 votes.

Restore Affordable Water (RAW) provided education and information for the voting public about the cause of high water prices throughout Montgomery County. RAW’s President, Simon Sequeira, went on an educational speaking campaign throughout Montgomery County to help voters become aware of the over-regulation of water and the manner in which the SJRA has taken advantage of the groundwater restrictions on private property to force water purchasers to buy expensive surface water from it.

All seven RAW-endorsed candidates won election to the LSGCD Board and will likely take office in the now-corrupt state agency within the next two weeks.



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