Guest Article: Pro-bond political action committee for Conroe ISD’s $807 million bond appears copy of Galveston ISD’s bond campaign

HTML behind the Community for Conroe ISD website. They used a template from Galveston ISD from 2018. Who is really running this? The vendors who contributed to the PAC? Did they also contribute to Galveston ISD pac? They want YOUR TAX DOLLARS!

Cindy Gaskill, Guest Writer to The Golden Hammer

As a 25 year taxpayer in Conroe ISD, I have learned over the years to pay attention to local issues in our community.
When the pro-Conroe ISD $807 million bond “Community for Conroe ISD” website first appeared on February 24, 2019, I looked at the source code and it appeared a template was used from the Galveston ISD pro bond webpage (where they also had a PAC fighting for the bond in the May, 2018 voter referendum).  Within the code, you can clearly see in the HTML source code that a title was changed from “Endorse the Galveston ISD 2018 Bond!” to “Endorse the Conroe ISD 2019 Bond!”
Why would a Conroe ISD bond support PAC (later known to be a practical duplicate of the bond planning committee) have any ties to a Galveston ISD Bond from 2018? The Conroe ISD Bond  should have nothing to do with Galveston ISD or any PAC or group that supported it.  Clearly they used the same marketing company that Galveston ISD PAC used!   Coincidence?; Or is this because they use the same vendors as well for these multi-million dollar bonds?
The template error in the source code was my first hint that something amiss was going on with the “Community for Conroe ISD” PAC.  It was later revealed that the Treasurer for this PAC is Bryan Fowler who was also on the CISD Bond Planning Committee.  Further changes were later made to the Community for CISD Bond page and the source code changed as well.  (See the original screenshot of the html code above).
The owner of the webpage is secret, since the pro-bond PAC paid extra money to hide the owner of the webpage.
The Galveston campaign was called Galveston Rise (Residents Investing in a Strong Education).  The website format of Galveston Rise is clearly very similar.
Who is this marketing company?  How much did it cost?  Do they market all the bonds in Texas?  Are they the same marketing company that CISD is using for their website graphics; and advocacy mailers?
What is going on with these HUGE ISD school bonds?  $807 Million Dollars (with ~$645 Million Dollars of wasteful interest) is a tremendous amount of money and it is apparent vendors are trying very hard to get your vote and your tax dollars.

Without question, these two related pro-bond websites are beyond grassroots; it is not a group of well meaning parents; but a well funded professional group of advocacy that goes back to the planning committee and the vendors identified in The Golden Hammer on April 30.

Taxpayers are being bamboozled with this bond!  There are so many problems with this very rushed bond that we never saw in years past in Conroe ISD under a prior administration.   I encourage my friends and neighbors to VOTE NO on this $807,000,000 bond full of interest and waste so CISD can take their time and present a better bond for taxpayers, teachers and students in the near future.
Your last chance to vote is Saturday, May 4th.



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