Precinct 5 Constable Jones’ Office continues DWI enforcement

Magnolia, February 1 – Deputies with the Montgomery County Precinct 5 Constables Department are continuing to extend patrol hours in an effort to keep impaired drivers off the roadway.  Constable Chris Jones would like to remind everyone to plan ahead and choose your ride so he doesn’t have to choose for you.

While targeting peak hours for impaired drivers during the month of January, Precinct 5 Deputies arrested 13 individuals for Driving While Intoxicated and multiple others for Public Intoxication.  February has barely begun and two more were already arrested during the early hours today.

Don’t make your Super Bowl Weekend a weekend you spend in the Montgomery County Jail.

How would you like to join this gallery of individuals whom Precinct 5 Constable Chris Jones’ team has arrested?



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