Precinct 5 Constable Hill to retire at end of September with dark cloud over him, but bright future for that law enforcement office nonetheless

Precinct 5 Constable David Hill.

Conroe and Magnolia, September 12 – Precinct 5 Montgomery County Constable David Hill is finally retiring at the end of September, 2018, as he announced during the September 11 meeting of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. Hill had been the Constable for 36 years and worked as a Department of Public Safety trooper for 14 years before working as a Constable.

Hill has indicated that he hopes the Commissioners Court will appoint Chief Deputy Constable Chris Jones as his replacement. Jones has a humility and sincerity which would be refreshing changes to the Precinct 5 Constable’s Office.

For the first quarter of a century of his career as a Constable, Hill did a pretty good job. During the last ten years, however, Hill hasn’t acquitted himself so well, especially during his last term. That Hill has some ability as a peace officer reflects well in the officers who work under him in his Constable’s Department. Jones, Captain Billy Masden, and Lieutenant Chad Walling exhibit the leadership and demeanor that officers providing public safety should have.

Hill has not matured well.

In November and December, 2016, Hill helped Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley orchestrate the infamous “Riley 2-step” of nepotism. In the first step, Hill claimed he needed a new position in his office for a second receptionist, right around the time when incoming Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson had made clear that Riley’s wife, Deanne, would not be staying as executive secretary in the Sheriff’s Office. Riley moved to create the position in Hill’s office. The second step came when Riley got Hill to hire Deanne for the position without interviewing other candidates.

It was nepotism – and deceit – in County government at their very worst.

During 2017, Hill believed it was within his right to harass a disabled individual who was protesting outside in the parking lot at a Charlie Riley campaign event. Hill never apologized for the incident, the entirety of which a video camera caught and which reflected terribly on him both as a peace officer and as an individual.

In 2018, Hill during the Republican Primary Election and during the Republican Runoff Election spent many tens of hours on County government time wearing his uniform in order to electioneer for Riley at the Magnolia Library Early Voting location. On at least one occasion, Hill actually went into the polling place while voters were in there voting while he was also campaigning for Riley.

Hill was also involved in several verbal altercations with supporters of Riley’s political opponents during both the Primary Election and the Runoff Election. During several of those incidents, Hill wore his peace officer’s uniform despite his direct political involvement.

Hill embarrassed himself agains on Tuesday, August 28, 2018, when he disrupted a Republican Party political meeting where he attempted to interrupt a meeting of the Montgomery County Republican Party Executive Committee of which he is not a member. Hill wanted to argue with members of the Executive Committee, although Wally Wilkerson, as the presiding officer of the meeting, had to shut Hill down. Once again, Hill appeared at the political function wearing his police officer’s uniform and brought shame to the uniform as well as his office.

Hill has definitely had a rough last few years while in office. He has a capacity for kindness but he also has a genuine capacity for explosive temper tantrums. The negative aspects of Hill’s personality came to dominate his behavior in recent years and brought negative repute to an otherwise positive law enforcement career.




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