Precinct 4 Montgomery County Commissioner Clark enjoys giant campaign fundraiser turnout: “I’m fighting to make the County government in Conroe work for EMC”

Incredibly energetic Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark with Johnny (Bouche) of Johnny and The Spinsations right behind him enjoyed a capacity crowd at his campaign fundraiser on Thursday, April 12, 2018, at the East Montgomery County Fairgrounds.

New Caney, April 13 – An energetic, if not downright boisterous, Precinct 4 Montgomery County Commissioner Jim Clark welcomed more than 575 of his closest friends on Thursday night, April 12, 2018, to the Big Show Barn at Bull Sallas Park for an “Old Fashioned Festival and Party” to celebrate Clark’s hard work and success as County Commissioner, his re-election campaign, and the good fun that Clark and his friends enjoy. Johnny and The Spinsations with amazing lead singer Jon Paul Bouche, a live auction with renowned auctioneer Vince Ross, and a silent auction punctuated the festivities. Clark even sold a T-shirt gigantic enough, that it could fit “Jabba the Hutt,” to raise $500 for his campaign as a silent auction item.

One of the most emotional moments of the evening came when Bob Bagley, who had run against Clark in the Republican Primary Election but has now said publicly that he will vote for Clark and has asked his friends and neighbors in East Montgomery County to join him, gave the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States and Texas Flags. Bagley, a partially-disabled veteran, puts more emotion into leading the Pledge of Allegiance than most people put into prayer. (He leads wonderful prayers as well.) Billy Bob Lee, who works for the Precinct 4 Commissioner, said, “It was really great to see Commissioner Clark and Bob Bagley working together for this event. We really appreciate Bob’s support. He’s good people.”

Clark’s Festival had games and rides for the children, amazing barbecue, and some of the finest gourmet desserts ever at a political event. Several elected officials from East Montgomery County and from other areas of Montgomery County as well attended the tribute to Clark’s outstanding service as a County Commissioner during the past three-and-a-half years.

The highlight of the evening, without question, however, was Clark’s brief but very direct speech to the huge crowed jammed into the large room. Clark began his speech very low-key and thanked his wife, his many campaign workers, and his friends for coming to the event. He cracked a joke, but then turned to a much more serious topic: reform.

Clark told the crowd: “You elected me to do what is right for East Montgomery County. That’s what I’ve tried to do. The great people who work in Precinct 4 and I have worked tirelessly to bring you the best road and bridge service we could possibly give you. As an example, we’ve paved 20 miles of new roads alone in less than a year, a number which is unheard of. We have mobility projects in the works. After Harvey, I made a commitment never to let that happen again. I’ve lobbied the Governor, our state legislators, and representatives of the San Jacinto River Authority to make sure they deploy the resources they have to prevent a disaster like Harvey from ever happening again.”

“I’ve done what is right for East Montgomery County,” Clark said. “I voted against a bloated County budget that created unnecessary taxes on you as a burden. I’ve fought against corruption and wrong in Conroe, while making sure that I brought the County resources back to Precinct 4 that we richly deserve. I’ve stood up to the corruption and the cronies. I’m fighting to make the County government in Conroe work for East Montgomery County. That’s why you see my name in this fight to stop building the TX 249 Tollroad. We paid gas taxes to the State and we should get that money back through TxDOT building the roads we need.”

The highly-charged Commissioner Clark received a thunderous standing ovation. Johnny and the Spinsations rounded the night out with a mix of country and popular music.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This revised article contains a correction and clarification.




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