Precinct 4 Commissioner Metts re-hires his cousin in Precinct 4 office

Precinct 4 County Commissioner James Metts.

New Caney, March 25 – Precinct 4 County Commissioner James Metts, hard at work creating a Precinct 4 Commissioners Office which is entirely loyal to him politically but wholly lacks merit or ability to perform their road-and-bridge tasks, has re-hired his first cousin, Jane Metts Landers, as a Clerk for $16.50 per hour with County government benefits as well. Metts created a new position for his cousin.

Landers had previously worked in the Precinct 4 JP Office when Metts held the position of JP. During her tenure in that office, Landers received a salary of $46,465.95, plus County government benefits of approximately $18,725 per year, for total compensation of $65,190.95. Landers worked only part-time for Metts, who rarely appeared in the office during the last several years of his tenure.

When newly-elected Justice of the Peace Jason Dunn came into office on January 1, 2019, Landers left her position, because Dunn has attempted to reform the court office and gear it towards service of the citizens.

Landers has a common grandfather to Metts on his father’s and her father’s respective sides of their families. In addition to Landers, Metts has hired at least two convicted felons, his live-in girlfriend, a terminated County employee, and one additional person in his Commissioners Precinct 4 Office who has no job-related skills but supported Metts politically. Metts also has one employee on the County Commissioner’s payroll who spends almost all of her time writing a private for-profit blog.

As Commissioner, Metts has refused to meet with constituents other than at athletic events or fair events where there is little opportunity for interaction.

Metts had tried to place the hiring of his girlfriend, Diane Rogers, on the December 18, 2018, agenda under former Precinct 4 Montgomery County Commissioner Jim Clark. Clark refused to sponsor the nepotistic and corrupt payroll change and directed the Human Resources Department to remove Rogers and Long from the Payroll Change Request Form list, even though disgraced former County Judge Craig Doyal and his “chief of staff” jim fredricks had approved the changes.

Metts secretly placed hiring his girlfriend back on the agenda for the first meeting of calendar year 2019. Rogers receives $81,357.64 per year as salary, plus approximately $32,787.13 in benefits, for total taxpayer-funded payments of $114,144.77. Rogers received $43,609.28 as Metts’ Juvenile Case Coordinator (no double entendre intended). Metts and Rogers also own a restaurant and flower shop together where Metts hosts liberal democrat candidates for office at political events.








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