Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner candidate Parker expresses backing for County GOP anti-tollroad resolution

Precinct 2 County Commissioner Candidate Gregory Parker, obviously contemplating the fundamental unfairness of building tollroads without voter approval.

Conroe, August 17 – Precinct 2 County Commissioner candidate Gregory Parker, a former Comal County Commissioner (2005-2013), former city manager, and two-time conservative author, has strongly endorsed the Montgomery County Republican Executive Committee’s action on Tuesday, August 15, 2017, to call for a non-binding ballot referendum, which Republican Precinct Chairman and Area Chairman Paul Gebolys (pronounced GA-bo-liss) introduced, that reads:

Gebolys’ Proposed Language for Ballot Proposition: “No governmental entity should ever construct or fund the construction of toll roads, unless its voters have approved each road by referendum.”

The Gebolys Resolution passed on a 34 to 1 vote of the Republican Precinct Chairs of Montgomery County after substantial debate. The only Precinct Chairman who voted against the proposal was Jim Schulze, a close associate of County Republican Chairman Walter Wilkerson and rumored to be Wilkerson’s hand-picked successor.

Parker told The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper,

“I want to applaud the Montgomery County Republican Party Executive Committee, Dr Wally and all the precinct chairs for their professionalism and fortitude in passing two very important resolutions. In attendance, I saw precinct chairs take a strong stand against toll roads. It is no secret that I am against toll roads. I have worked against toll roads as a former county commissioner and even now testifying in Austin against their use; so to see a 34-1 vote passing the resolution to call for citizens to vote before toll roads are constructed was exciting. While there is more work to be done and the Texas GOP Executive Committee needs to assist with its implementation of the resolution, I am excited to see a change in the air in Montgomery County, Texas. This should be a signal to Commissioners Court. Let me also thank Dr. Wally for being gracious. He may not have agreed with the resolution or the outcome of the vote, however he was still gracious in his leadership.”

While it was very nice of Parker to call Wilkerson’s leadership “gracious,” some might not agree. Wilkerson attempted to adjourn the entire meeting while the Gebolys Resolution was pending before Executive Committee. Willis Precinct Chairman Reagan Reed moved to overturn Wilkerson’s ruling as Chairman, and the body of Precinct Chairs voted with Reed to overturn Wilkerson. Only then was Gebolys allowed to present the resolution.




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