Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Candidate Gregory Parker has a great day: great TV interview, major endorsement, serious fact-finding

Precinct 2 County Commissioner candidate Gregory Parker on the set of “It’s Hammer Time” on Wednesday, April 4, 2018. (It appears that Jabba the Hutt is at the right interviewing him.)

Conroe, April 5 – Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner candidate Gregory Parker had a great day yesterday. First, Parker appeared on “It’s Hammer Time,” the Facebook Live television show (MCP.TV), which brilliant media director and producer Bill Brenza has engineered, to discuss his plans as County Commissioner.

Parker told The Golden Hammer‘s Publisher that he considers himself “a change agent for this community.” “I want to bring reform to benefit all citizens.” Parker truly gave a great interview, which readers may watch in its entirety on Facebook at MCP.TV. Parker showed the world how well versed he is in drainage planning, mobility analysis and planning, the relationship between the Texas Department of Transportation and County road projects, as well as ethical issues facing the Montgomery County Commissioners Court as a result of the criminal indictment pending against incumbent Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley and County Judge Craig Doyal for official misconduct in the form of alleged violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act.

Parker confirmed that if Riley were convicted, he’d be removed from office as a result, putting the citizens of Commissioners Precinct 2 at great risk that they’d either suffer without any County Commissioner for a while or with a County Commissioner who was a democrat.

In addition to his extensive understanding of County issues which clearly came to the fore during the interview, Parker showed great humor and endless wit during the 25-minute interview.

Major endorsement: Empower Texans/Texas for Fiscal Responsibility

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, the political arm of Empower Texans, one of the largest grassroots conservative organizations in the State of Texas, announced that the group is endorsing Parker in the May 22 Republican Runoff Election.

Parker has remarkable conservative credentials. He describes himself as a “lifelong conservative.” Parker served two terms from 2005 to 2012 as a Republican County Commissioner in Comal County, the county seat of which is New Braunfels.

Parker has written two very popular conservative books, Global Warming…Really? and his recently published Conservative Essays for the Modern Era. He also served as a Commissioner of the Texas Emergency Communications Commission after Governor Rick Perry appointed him to the statewide commission.

Parker has a strong record of opposing the construction and financing of tollroads. He opposes County government construction of the Woodlands Parkway Extension. Parker has supported the work of the Citizens Budget Committee, which is seeking to reduce County government spending by $100 million, while taking $20 million of the savings and investing them into law enforcement and another $20 million and establishing a road and bridge capital fund. He’s backed the Commissioners Court salary reforms that Mark Keough, the Republican nominee for Montgomery County Judge, has proposed. (Keough said he would propose a 12% cut in the County Judge’s salary as one of his first actions in office; Parker has supported greatly reduced salaries for County Commissioners as well.)

At the same time, Parker has made clear that he’ll be a very active Precinct 2 County Commissioner to push forward mobility projects that have flailed under Riley and to put in place proper drainage planning for the Precinct that has suffered enormous flooding problems as a result of Riley’s and the Commissioners Court’s lack of such planning.

Parker previously received the endorsements of the Montgomery County Law Enforcement Association, Montgomery County’s largest and most venerable law enforcement association, and of TURF, the acronym for the statewide anti-tollroads group whose name is Texans Uniting for Reform & Freedom.


Parker truly had a remarkable day yesterday. It almost seemed like he was everywhere in Montgomery County.

Last night, Parker was the only candidate for County office or County official who attended the Houston Galveston Area Council’s presentation of its 2045 Regional Transportation Plan at the Oscar Johnson Community Center near downtown Conroe. Parker engaged in numerous discussions with HGAC officials with respect to where Montgomery County fits within regional planning and funding for transportation projects.

Parker told The Golden Hammer, “I was pleased to attend the HGAC presentation. I don’t agree with all of the commitments that Commissioner Riley has gotten Precinct into, but it’s still important to work as cooperatively as possible with our neighbors in the southeast Texas region. Many mobility issues, such as the improvements to I-45, are regional issues that impact Montgomery County along with our neighbors to the north and south.”



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