Power Top Ten (USA) #1: Chief Justice John Roberts

Power Top Ten (USA) #1: Chief Justice John Roberts

Image: Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts.

Washington, D.C., December 30 – John Roberts, Chief Justice of the United States of America, is the most powerful man in the United States. He’s the #1 of the Power Top Ten of America. That’s not all for good reasons.

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, continues the tradition of listing the Power Top Ten, the ten most powerful people in the United States. The Power Top Ten doesn’t commemorate the ten best people in America necessarily, but the most powerful people who are actually able to accomplish political, business, or policy goals. In other words, she or he can get things done in America. 

The Golden Hammer has named nine other people in the Power Top Ten:

#2, Former President Donald Trump

#3, Dr. Anthony Fauci

#4, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

#5, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell

#6, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

#7, West Virginia United States Senator Joe Manchin

#8, New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

#9, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

#10, President Joe Biden.

#1: Chief Justice John Roberts

John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the United States, is the most powerful man in America. Easily.

Roberts enjoys more power than many other Chief Justices in history for three primary reasons.

First and foremost, the Supreme Court stands in a unique place in history. Rather than serving as the “weakest branch,” as the Founding Fathers had contemplated, lacking both the power to legislate and the power to enforce, American courts find themselves usurping both legislative and executive functions. Judicial activism is the norm in American society. Courts are where Americans now fight their moral battles, because activists at both ends of the political spectrum show no reluctance to allow men and women wearing robes to decide those issues.

As a result, as Chief Justice of the Court which stands preeminent over all federal courts, Roberts gladly has stepped into the power vacuum.

Second, with three consistent liberals (Breyer, Kagan, Sotomayor), four consistent conservatives (Thomas, Kavanaugh, Alito), and two centrists Justices (Gorsuch and Barrett) who consistently follows the Chief Justice’s lead, Roberts has the opportunity to lead the Court in making law. Although President George W. Bush appointed Roberts as Chief Justice, he has certainly not been a consistent conservative vote. Roberts led the effort to uphold Obamacare and wrote the majority opinion in that case.

On June 15, 2020, in Bostock versus Clayton County, Roberts joined with five of his colleagues to extend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to prohibit employment discrimination against gay and transgender individuals, a breathtaking extension contrary to the legislative intent of the civil rights law.

In other words, Roberts does not hesitate to move the Supreme Court towards extreme political activism, if he believes the decision is politically wise.

Third, anyone who read Roberts’ opinion in the Obamacare case or watched his performance before the Senate Judiciary Committee in his September, 2005, confirmation hearings, easily comes to the realization that John Roberts truly is one of the most brilliant jurists alive in the United States today.

Chief Justice Roberts gets the job done. That’s partly because Americans now look to government more than they have ever before to order their lives and because Americans tolerate judicial activism more than any other time in history.




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