Power Top Ten: The Runners Up

Power Top Ten: The Runners Up

Image: Ginger Russell has taken on the political “establishment” and won’t back down as a Montgomery County Republican Party Area Chair, the Precinct 74 Chair, and a renowned education expert. Liberals, such as Charlie Riley and his social party planner, shake in their boots when Russell shows up at events with them.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Publisher’s Note: Although she doesn’t appear on the list of Power Top Ten Runners Up, Suzanne Rogers inspired this article. Rogers is one of the hardest working people in Montgomery County. She works tirelessly and selflessly for conservative Republican political campaigns, for issues campaigns, and for her family. Rogers is one of the greatest cooks alive today. She gives a small amount of the credit for her gusto in cooking to her husband Larry, because he is such an outstanding dishwasher. 

Montgomery County, January 2 – The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, continued the tradition of listing the Power Top Ten, the ten most powerful people in Montgomery County during the month of December, 2019. The Power Top Ten doesn’t commemorate the ten best people in Montgomery County necessarily, but the most powerful people who are actually able to accomplish political or policy goals. In other words, he or she can get things done in Montgomery County. 

The Golden Hammer named the following individuals in the Power Top Ten:

#1, Kelli Cook, conservative political activist, Gulf Coast Regional Coordinator, Campaign for Liberty.

#2, Texas Patriots PAC President Julie Turner.

#3, Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon.

#4, Precinct 3 Montgomery County Commissioner James Noack.

#5, Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough, the “People’s Judge.”

#6, Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson.

#7, Bobby Jack Adams, civil engineer and Halff Associates Regional Vice President who presides over the “deep state” of vendors who control many of the decisions within the Montgomery County government.

#8, Quadvest President and property rights advocate Simon Sequeira.

#9, Conservative Republican activist and Party Official Jon Bouche.

#10, Conroe Independent School District Superintendent Curtis Null.

The Runners Up to the Power Top Ten

Several individuals almost made the Power Top Ten List at the end of the 2019. They’re enormously influential and generally some of the hardest working people in all of Montgomery County. They all came very close to making the list.

Here are the Runners Up to the Power Top Ten List for 2019. The Golden Hammer lists them in alphabetical order.

Cecil BellState Representative

Under the down home exterior of State Representative Cecil Bell lies a deep thinker who is one of the hardest working individuals in all of Montgomery County. Bell continues to operate his family contracting company while he serves in the Texas Legislature.

During the 86th Legislative Session in 2019, Bell served on the powerful House Appropriations Committee. Bell doesn’t make a lot of waves in Austin or at home in Magnolia. He does, however, vote the interests of his constituents, as he perceives them, every time.

Ask another member of the Texas Legislature what they think of Bell. Every time you’ll hear the same thing: the man is brilliant and one of the most effective members of the Texas Legislature.

The reason Bell didn’t make the Power Top Ten list is because most of his work occurs at the State Capitol in Austin. His success as a legislator, however, has provided him with enormous gravitas in this community.

Gordy Bunch, Woodlands Township Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TWFG Insurance

Through hard work and careful study in order to understand issues, Woodlands Township Chairman is one of the most knowledgeable elected servants this newspaper has ever observed. His knowledge of complex issues, such as the details of the Township Budget, is truly staggering.

Bunch has built one of the largest insurance agencies in Texas also through hard work. Readers shouldn’t underestimate Bunch’s enormous influence in the business community locally and nationwide.

Clearly, Gordy Bunch supports incorporation of The Woodlands as a city. He has worked tirelessly to reach that end, which some project could occur as early as the end of 2020. At present, Bunch is overseeing the consulting study of the cost of incorporation. If there is anyone who can overcome the financial complexities of incorporation and get The Woodlands past the finish line, it’s Bunch.

Bunch just successfully elected a pro-incorporation slate of individuals, including Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs and businessman Bob Milner, to the Woodlands Township Board to support his efforts. Bunch works closely with Dr. Julie Turner, Power Top Ten #2 and President of the Texas Patriots PAC, on political matters.

Brandon Creighton, State Senator

Senator Brandon Creighton, Republican of Conroe, presented his two ethics bills – the JD Lambright Local Government Ethics Reform Act (Senate Bill 710) and Senate Bill 13 – during a hearing before the Texas Senate’s Committee on State Affairs during the morning of March 18, 2019, at the same time as Montgomery County Attorney JD Lambright’s memorial service in Conroe.

Brandon Creighton is easily one of the most effective members of the Texas Legislature. He is highly respected in the Texas Senate by Republicans and democrats alike.

Creighton passed major legislation during the 86th Texas Legislature to provide Harvey relief. He was the author or sponsor of dozens of major pieces of legislation.

Creighton’s main area of operation, like Bell, is in the Texas Capitol in Austin. Nevertheless, Creighton clearly is the most adept and popular politician in Montgomery County. In truth, it’s hard to find someone in this community who doesn’t like and respect Creighton, unless they’re one of the few individuals this newspaper refers to as “democrats.”

Creighton is an accomplished political fundraiser with a “boy next door” personality which conservative and liberal Republicans all seem to admire.

The real question for Creighton is “where will he move next politically?” Some people speculate that Creighton could succeed Dan Patrick as Lieutenant Governor. Clearly, Creighton is someone to watch and someone who gets things done both in Montgomery County and statewide.

Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed

At the incredibly youthful age of 23, Reagan Reed already has major accomplishments under his belt. He has been the leader of the efforts to reform the Montgomery County Republican Party by turning it into a grassroots organization rather than the “top-down” and very ineffective organization it had become under the stale leadership of Wally Wilkerson.

In June, 2018, the Republican Precinct Chairs voted Reed into office as the Vice Chairman of the Republican Party. Since Wilkerson has been absent without leave ever since, Reed has effectively been the Republican Party leader during the past two years.

Reed has worked closely with other volunteers to set the Party’s strategy. Through his work for Empower Texans as their East Texas Correspondent, Reed has developed a huge network of allies for the local Republican Party.

Reed should have been in the Power Top Ten List but for two decisions he made. First, Reed has decided not to run for re-election as a Precinct Chairman or as Party Vice Chairman. Second, Reed declined to run for any other office, even though many conservatives had wanted him to do so.

With youth on his side, and a great mind, Reed’s career will fun to observe.

Conservative Republican political activist and education expert Ginger Russell

Ginger Russell is a force of nature in southwest Montgomery County. She’s the Montgomery County Republican Party Area Chair who oversees the work of the Republican Precinct Chairs in that area. She’s the Voting Precinct Chair herself in Precinct 74.

People within Voting Precinct 74 openly admire Russell for her hard work and her unwillingness ever to give up the fight for conservative principles. It should have come as no surprise that Russell and Kelli Cook (Power Top Ten #10) defeated the entire Magnolia ISD political establishment in the August, 2018, tax hike election.

Russell is an expert in the field of home schooling and education. She successfully home schooled her own children and has worked closely with the massive network of home schooling parents in Montgomery County and statewide.

Russell is just plain a lot of fun. She and her husband Calvin are two of the nicest and most warm individuals you’ll ever meet in this community. They seem to like everyone, even Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley, who seems to have developed an intense and out-of-control hatred for the Russells.

Montgomery County Tea Party President Pat Tibbs

Pat Tibbs, President of the Montgomery County Tea Party (MCTP), is incredibly soft spoken. Nevertheless, she gets things done in a very important manner.

By ensuring that MCTP meets regularly twice a month, Tibbs has provided an important forum for local conservatives to meet, to discuss substantive issues, and to develop political strategies. Tibbs has done that by staying out of the way of others.

At the same time, however, Tibbs has carefully guarded the integrity of MCTP and ensured that its operations constantly move forward and aid conservatives in their efforts. Tibbs is a charming lady who rarely speaks a negative word about anyone.

For that reason, elected servants from all factions of the Montgomery County Republican Party seem comfortable with her.

Tibbs doesn’t usually spearhead particular issues, but she does ensure that other conservatives have the tools they need to get the job done.

Real estate developer Danny Signorelli

Danny Signorelli grew up in Conroe and probably knows more about the Montgomery County community than almost anyone else. He has moved quietly forward to build a highly successful company now headquartered in The Woodlands.

Signorelli has been a major force in East Montgomery County where he oversees the development of Valley Ranch’s residential, commercial, medical, and retail facilities. In the past, Signorelli was a major contributor to and strategist for County Commissioners and County Judges.

Signorelli tries to avoid headlines. He’ll probably find this attention that he’s getting appalling. Nevertheless, he does know how to work through the political system in this community in order to get a lot done for his companies.

Steve Toth, State Representative

Steve Toth, the State Representative for House District 15, which primarily represents The Woodlands and the surrounding vicinity, had a very successful run in the 86th Texas Legislature. He was the primary author of the JD Lambright Local Government Ethics Reform Act, which passed the Texas House on May 27, 2019, and which Governor Greg Abbott signed into law two weeks later.

Toth has fought for ethics reform in the Montgomery County government for several years. He used to attend Commissioners Court meetings regularly to comment on ethics concerns.

Toth has a highly-skilled and popular staff who work for him even during the hiatus in the Legislative Session.

Toth appears as a Runner-Up, however, because he has been willing to stick his neck out to work with grassroots conservatives for reform efforts. Toth worked closely with the Victory 2018 Steering Committee during the 2018 General Election in order to ensure strong Republican turnout in that election. He continues to work with grassroots conservatives on organization, messaging, and finding individuals to serve in diverse roles.

Toth’s involvement in local politics is unusual for a member of the Legislature. He’s also an important advisor to the Texas Patriots PAC and to its officers.

Conservative activist and Montgomery County Republican Party Treasurer John Hill Wertz

Wertz complained to the Montgomery County Commissioners Court about excessive government spending on May 16, 2019. He attends almost every Commissioners Court meeting.

It seems like a shame to mention Wertz last in this article. He is certainly not the least.

John Hill Wertz is one of the hardest working people in the Conservative Movement, in the Montgomery County Tea Party for which he serves as Vetting Committee Chairman, and in the Montgomery County Republican Party. Wertz is the elected Treasurer of the Republican Party and an elected Precinct Chairman of Voting Precinct 69.

Wertz seems as though he’s always working on dozens of political projects, especially raising money for the Republican Party and for MCTP. His work as Vetting Committee Chairman almost seems like it’s a full time job in and of itself.

On top of those efforts, Wertz is an avid canvasser for the Republican Party and for individual candidates seeking office. It’s important to mention that he’s also a fierce fighter for his beliefs.




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