Power Top Ten #9: 418th District Judge Tracy Gilbert

418th District Judge Tracy Gilbert.

Conroe, December 4- The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper continues the tradition, by running a series of articles this month every three days listed the Power Top Ten, the ten most powerful people in Montgomery County. The Power Top Ten doesn’t commemorate the ten best people in Montgomery County necessarily, but the most powerful people who are actually able to accomplish political or policy goals. In other words, they can get things done.

This newspaper has already received over 850 suggestions from readers for the Power Top Ten, the “Person of the Year Award,” and the “Mad Cow Award” for the worst elected official in Montgomery County during 2017. If you have suggestions, please send them to us at goldenhammermoco@gmail.com or ericyollick@swbell.net. We will treat your suggestion in confidence.

To begin the Power Top Ten this year, The Golden Hammer introduced State Senator Brandon Creighton as the Tenth Most Powerful Person In Montgomery County During 2017.

418th District Judge Tracy Gilbert, #9

418th District Judge Tracy Gilbert is one of the few triple-board-certified attorneys in the State of Texas with expertise in family, civil litigation, and personal injury. His court, the 418th District Court, hears almost exclusively family law matters, as the Texas Legislature established it as a court with a priority family law case load. Gilbert does occasionally hear criminal, civil, and juvenile cases as well.

Gilbert runs a very efficient court, manages his staff well, and disposes of his cases expeditiously and creatively. But Judge Gilbert’s real influence has grown from his impact on the administration of the entire Montgomery County Courthouse.

Gilbert gets along well with the other judges on the Board of Judges and the Board of District Judges. More than any other judge, he works closely with Nathan Jensen, the Director of the Office of Court Administration, who also does his job superbly. Jensen’s position came about largely because of the influence of Gilbert inside the Courthouse.

Gilbert has spearheaded the move for court specialization, which admittedly the Publisher of this newspaper doubted as a good move. It’s certainly not the first or last time that the Publisher of this newspaper has been or will be wrong. Court specialization has enormously improved the operation of the Montgomery County Courthouse and the efficient disposal of cases in a fair and judicious manner. Gilbert certainly shouldn’t receive all of the credit for that efficiency and good work. The other judges, of course, share in the credit.

Nevertheless, Gilbert has led the move to Courthouse efficiency and, in the process, has become the most influential District Judge Montgomery County has seen since the hay day of now-retired 359th District Judge James Keeshan.

Gilbert has also been an important supporter of the citizen-spurred move for the Board of District Judges to fulfill their statutory duty of overseeing the audit function of the County government. Several of the judges have expressed some reservations over the manner in which Montgomery County Auditor Phyllis Martin has performed many of her duties. Gilbert led the move over the summer of 2017 to hold Martin’s salary to its current level, despite Martin’s request for a substantial salary increase. More importantly, Gilbert and several of the other District Judges are beginning to oversee the Auditor’s work far more aggressively, a move that can only serve to benefit the taxpayers.

Judge Tracy Gilbert is getting things done. He’s the 9th most powerful person in Montgomery County.




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