Power Top Ten #5: Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson

Power Top Ten #5: Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson

Image: Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson, The Golden Hammer‘s Power Top Ten #5.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, December 16 – Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson is the fifth most powerful person in Montgomery County and is The Golden Hammer‘s Power Top Ten #5. Three years ago he was #8. Two years ago, Henderson was #7. Last year he was #6. See a trend? Those improvements are far from serendipitous. They reflect the maturity of leadership Sheriff Henderson has brought to his job as Sheriff, which he began on January 1, 2017, and for which he won re-election to another four-year term in the November 3, 2020, General Election.

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, continues the tradition of listing the Power Top Ten, the ten most powerful people in Montgomery County. The Power Top Ten doesn’t commemorate the ten best people in Montgomery County necessarily, but the most powerful people who are actually able to accomplish political or policy goals. In other words, he or she can get things done in Montgomery County. 

So far, The Golden Hammer has named five other people in the Power Top Ten:

#6 Conroe Independent School District Superintendent Curtis Null

#7 Montgomery County Judge Judge Chief of Staff Jason Millsaps

#8 Conroe Mayor Jody Czajkoski, Conroe First Lady Nicole Czajkoski, and Quadvest President Simon Sequeira

#9, Woodlands Township Chairman Gordy Bunch.

#10, Conservative Republican activist Ginger Russell.

#5: Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson

Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson has shown great leadership during 2020. First, he has done a superb job improving employee morale in the largest County government department, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. His outstanding command team of Captains has assisted him greatly in that regard.

Second, Henderson has become comfortable enough in his position as Sheriff and in this community that he has begun to show his true philosophical colors. On at least two major occasions during 2020 Commissioners Court meetings and twice also during 2019, Sheriff Henderson has made clear that constitutional limitations on law enforcement are important principles in setting boundaries for the Sheriff’s Office’s work. Sheriff Henderson triumphed as a constitutional conservative in his open disavowment of the unconstitutional mandates of County Judge Mark Keough and Governor Greg Abbott in response to the Chinese Coronavirus panic.

Third, Henderson has done a masterful job negotiating for Montgomery County and for the well-being of his patrol officers a revised arrangement for the certified peace officers who patrol The Woodlands and will continue to do so, if The Woodlands transitions to an incorporated city. Some of the individuals involved in that issue didn’t always exhibit the maturity for which citizens in a conservative community might hope.

Three years ago, The Golden Hammer named Henderson as #8 in the Power Top Ten and concluded the article, “If Henderson could eschew the politics (and [corrupt local political boss Marc] Davenport), he could be one of the great Sheriffs in Montgomery County’s history. As the leader of more than one-third of the personnel of the Montgomery County government, he most certainly can already accomplish a lot.”

Henderson defenestrated Davenport as an advisor more than two years ago and has acted as his own political advisor. Henderson has shown great political instincts and skills.

Henderson rose to the task of improving the circumstances of the patrol officers, the backbone of any law enforcement department, making certain that they know he appreciates them, and showing a genuine concern for the jobs all of the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office perform.

There’s another important manner in which Sheriff Henderson has shown great leadership: in his dealings with the Commissioners Court. The Montgomery County Commissioners Court often seems like five petulant primates all demanding the same banana. Sheriff Henderson approaches those impish politicians as carefully as any wild animal handler might enter the cage of a disagreeable zoo creature.

Sheriff Henderson has shown a maturity towards law enforcement matters while the members of the Commissioners Court would rather devolve into politics and self-congratulation. He’s made clear that he has read, understands, and believes political philosophy. Authors such as Max Weber and John Locke did not waste their pens on Rand Henderson. It appears that the Sheriff has come to understand over the past two years the difference between positive chaos (such as President Donald Trump or a methodology of this newspaper) and anarchy, which is what existed at the commencement of Locke’s “state of nature.”

Sheriff Henderson has shown much more concern for individual civil rights and the meaning of the Constitution of Texas and of the United States than the precipitators on the Commissioners Court.

Rand Henderson is well on his way to becoming one of the great Sheriffs in Montgomery County’s history, and, perhaps, in all of Texas. He’s using his mind and applying his own political skills to the complexity of managing just under three thousand people.



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