Power Top Ten #4: Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed

Power Top Ten #4: Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed

Image: On November 27, 2018, Montgomery County Republican Vice Chairman Reagan Reed (right) joined Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack (left) at Noack’s Annual Christmas Party and Toy Drive.

Conroe, December 19 – Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed is the fourth (4th) Most Powerful Person of the Top Ten Most Powerful People in Montgomery County.

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, continues the tradition of listing the Power Top Ten, the ten most powerful people in Montgomery County. The Power Top Ten doesn’t commemorate the ten best people in Montgomery County necessarily, but the most powerful people who are actually able to accomplish political or policy goals. In other words, he or she can get things done in Montgomery County. This year is the second that The Golden Hammer is publishing this list. In 2016, the Publisher of this newspaper published the list on social media before this newspaper began.

So far, The Golden Hammer has named five members of the Power Top Ten:

#5: Montgomery County Judge-Elect Mark Keough

#6: Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack

#7: Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson

#8: Simon Sequeira, Quadvest President and property rights advocate (with assists from real estate developers Mike Stoecker and Danny Signorelli)

#9: John Holzwarth and the Montgomery County government vendors’ “Deep State” (with assists from Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador and lame duck County Judge Craig Doyal)

#10: United States Congressman Kevin Brady.

Power Top Ten #4: Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed

How in the world can a 22-year-old man be more powerful than the Montgomery County Judge-Elect, a Precinct 3 County Commissioner with enormous influence, or the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee? This 22-year-old is no ordinary person.

He’s Reagan William Reed, a downright brilliant person who, while only 22, acts with Delphic wisdom. Not only is he a leader among the conservative activists in Montgomery County but also he’s (1) a resource for ideas and information, and (2) a leader among conservative activists statewide through his work as a Correspondent for Empower Texans, one of the largest grassroots conservative organizations in Texas.

This article would be of encyclopedic length if one were to list all of his accomplishments during the past two years. The short version is that he’s become the true leader of the Montgomery County Republican Party since early 2017 after he became the youngest elected Republican Precinct Chair in Texas. He’s also the person who stood up to the bully, County Judge Craig Doyal, who had Reed wrongfully arrested during a Commissioners Court meeting in April when Reed dared to attempt to make a citizen comment against Doyal’s beloved Decimation of Hope Highway (the TX 249 Tollway).

Through a thorough knowledge of parliamentary procedure and extraordinary strategic planning before County GOP Executive Committee meetings, Reed began to move the local Republican Party towards strong policy positions in matters important to the citizens of Montgomery County, including opposition to tollroads, calling for a 20% homestead exemption, censuring liberal Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, and demanding County government spending reductions and tax rate decreases.

Reed didn’t just work inside of the structure of the Republican Party leadership, however. He worked closely with Republican leaders Allison Winter, John Wertz, Dr. Julie Turner, and Bill O’Sullivan to recruit and elect conservative Precinct Chairs.

Reed and his allies’ hard work came to fruition on June 26, 2018, when it became clear that conservatives had gained a majority of the County Republican Executive Committee, composed of all of the Precinct Chairs, for the first time. Reed, Wertz, and their allies stunned the political establishment when they passed new Party Bylaws that dispersed authority within the Republican Party among the Precinct Chairs rather than allowing GOP County Chairman Wally Wilkerson to rule as a dictator.

In the same meeting, the Precinct Chairs elected Reed as Vice Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party. His election was unanimous and included Wilkerson’s allies voting for Reed, another fact which stunned Wilkerson.

Since Reed became the Vice Chairman on June 26, he has become the de facto leader of the Republican Party, since Wilkerson has basically done nothing but lock himself in his overpriced office and claimed that he was excluding all of his political enemies. Reed led the Republican Party during the past six months to conduct its most robust General Election campaign in history, to recruit hundreds of volunteer activists, to nominate new conservative Precinct Chairs, and to raise excitement about the Montgomery County Republican Party to a degree it has never previously experienced.

Reed doesn’t lead by dictatorship or overbearing personality. Instead, he allows other Republican leaders and activists to run with their interests. Reed merely steps in if there’s a disagreement or if there’s a need for leadership at a particular moment. He’s low key, respectful towards others (including Wilkerson), and kindhearted, but he’s also always firmly insistent that political candidates take specific stands on issues and, as elected servants, fulfill their promises. Candidates who aren’t willing to take very specific stands on issues and who aren’t willing to support the Planks of the Republican Party Platform need not apply to Reed for support.

In other words, Reed has provided the leadership and discipline to the Montgomery County Republican Party, which it has lacked under Wilkerson for the past 54 years.

Reed has an encyclopedic knowledge of Texas elections, Montgomery County voting and demographics, and the voting patterns of Republican elected servants. He’s also got the brilliant analytical mind to put that data into carefully-considered inferences.

Reed’s parents who home-schooled him and his college professors obviously did not waste their efforts on teaching him. He’s extraordinarily well-read for anyone, let alone someone who is 22.

Reagan Reed is a rising star in Montgomery County and in the Republican Party statewide. He’s a close associate of State Republican Chairman James Dickey as well as Empower Texans Chairman Michael Quinn Sullivan. While Reed has learned a lot from them, they’ve also shared with this newspaper that they’ve learned a lot from Reed.

When candidates, elected servants, or citizen-activists need the help of the Republican Party, they now go to Reed as a resource. He gives them answers with personal humility and doesn’t expect genuflection as does the “disgrace,” Wilkerson.



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