Power Top Ten #3: District Attorney Brett Ligon

Power Top Ten #3: District Attorney Brett Ligon

Image: Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon.

Conroe, December 22 – District Attorney Brett Ligon is the 3rd most powerful person in Montgomery County.

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, continues the tradition of listing the Power Top Ten, the ten most powerful people in Montgomery County. The Power Top Ten doesn’t commemorate the ten best people in Montgomery County necessarily, but the most powerful people who are actually able to accomplish political or policy goals. In other words, they can get things done.

At the end of this month, we’ll also commemorate the “Person of the Year Award” for the Montgomery County person who was responsible in 2017 for the most positive change for our community and the “Mad Cow Award” for the worst elected official in Montgomery County during 2017. If you have suggestions, please send them to us at goldenhammermoco@gmail.com or ericyollick@swbell.net. We will treat your suggestion in confidence.

To begin the Power Top Ten this year, The Golden Hammer has already named:

#4 Texas Patriots Tea Party PAC President Dr. Julie Turner

#5 Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador

#6 Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack

#7 Conroe Independent School District Superintendent Don Stockton

#8 Sheriff Rand Henderson

#9 418th District Judge Tracy Gilbert

#10 State Senator Brandon Creighton.

Power Top Ten #3: District Attorney Brett Ligon

Regular citizens fear and many love Brett Ligon. They should. He’s a terrific trial attorney as well as politician. During the past year, his talent in the courtroom received recognition from numerous appointments as a special prosecutor in criminal cases outside of Montgomery County.

District Attorney Brett Ligon is the third most powerful person in Montgomery County at the present time. For the purpose of this discussion, this newspaper generally defines “power” as the ability to get things done in our community. So if someone has specific business or political goals and can get them done for himself or herself or for others, then they have power.

Ligon possesses at least three sources of power. First, he is an outstanding politician. He plays masterfully to the citizens who want an approachable District Attorney who listens to the will of the community. In this community, voting citizens largely believe that they want a DA who vigorously prosecutes those accused of committing crimes. Ligon is personally friendly and is someone who knows how to engage one-on-one as well as when he’s appearing before large groups. He’s got charisma.

As a prosecutor of crimes, Ligon makes Montgomery County citizens feel much better when they’re on the roads and public areas of this community. Those who commit violent crimes and property crimes know that they’ll have to face a very tough Brett Ligon and his team of Assistant District Attorneys. That should make us all feel better.

Second, Ligon has developed a strong relationship with the four predominant groups who elect county leaders: the Tea Party organizations, Republican women, the law enforcement community, and business leaders. Ligon spends much time and energy ensuring those constituent groups are well aware of his work and his dedication to the safety of the public.

Third, quite simply, Ligon does a great job as a prosecutor-politician. He’s hired a superb group of assistant district attorneys and other professionals to work in his office. Many of the attorneys who prosecute for Ligon have received national recognition for their work. Ligon spends enormous time maintaining a high degree of training and professionalism among the people in the District Attorney’s Office. Prosecutors have a tremendous amount of discretion. Ligon and his top lieutenants have done a wonderful job carefully teaching those prosecutors how to exercise their discretion with finesse, fairness, and consistency.

Last year, Ligon was #1 in the Power Top Ten. Readers should not draw too much from the fact that he’s dropped two places. It’s fair to ask, however, what has happened? There are two factors why Ligon is #3 in 2017 rather than #1 in the Power Top Ten.

  • First, the recipient of #1 was not on the list last year and has supplanted Ligon.
  • Second, there’s a growing sense of frustration about ethics in the County government. It wouldn’t be fair to blame Ligon for that frustration, because he certainly has attempted to teach other County officials, but his students are like a group of adolescent 15-year-olds too hormonal to focus on the intricacies of second-year algebra. In April, 2013, Ligon told the County Commissioners Court: “I’ve tried to give you some solutions. I’m hoping you accept the challenge of ethical reform. I hope you don’t continue to use the DA’s Office as a backstop to try to figure out whether or not it’s OK.” The Commissioners Court ignored him. Ligon appeared again before the Commissioners Court this year on January 24, 2017, when he urged the Commissioners Court to adopt an “aspirational” ethics policy and to “reach for the stars.” The Commissioners Court completely ignored Ligon once again. It’s become pretty apparent that County officials ignore Ligon as an advocate for public integrity.

Congratulations to District Attorney Brett Ligon for making the Top Ten List as #3.



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