Power Top Ten #1: Texas Patriots PAC President Julie Turner (with major assists from Jon Bauman and Bill O’Sullivan)

Power Top Ten #1: Texas Patriots PAC President Julie Turner (with major assists from Jon Bauman and Bill O’Sullivan)

Image: Dr. Julie Turner (left), President of the Texas Patriots PAC, is easily the Most Powerful Person in Montgomery County and at the top of The Golden Hammer‘s Power Top Ten list. In this photograph at the Saddle River Range on F.M. 1488 near Magnolia, Turner appears with former Montgomery Police Chief Jim Napolitano (center) and Texas Patriots PAC Vice President Jon Bauman (right).

Conroe, December 28 – Dr. Julie Turner, President of the Texas Patriots PAC, is the Most Powerful Person of the Top Ten Most Powerful People in Montgomery County. Texas Patriots PAC Vice President Jon Bauman and Treasurer Bill “The Sage” O’Sullivan get credits for major assists. It would be difficult to overstate Turner’s remarkable influence on Montgomery County’s elections and body politic.

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, continues the tradition of listing the Power Top Ten, the ten most powerful people in Montgomery County. The Power Top Ten doesn’t commemorate the ten best people in Montgomery County necessarily, but the most powerful people who are actually able to accomplish political or policy goals. In other words, he or she can get things done in Montgomery County. This year is the second that The Golden Hammer is publishing this list. In 2016, the Publisher of this newspaper published the list on social media before this newspaper began.

So far, The Golden Hammer has named nine (or so) members of the Power Top Ten:

#2: Conservative political activists Kelli Cook and Ginger Russell

#3: Brett Ligon, Montgomery County District Attorney (with assists from the women and men of the District Attorney’s Office and others in the Montgomery County law enforcement community)

#4: Reagan Reed, Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman (with an assist from Party Treasurer John Hill Wertz)

#5: Mark Keough, Montgomery County Judge-Elect

#6: James Noack, Precinct 3 County Commissioner

#7: Rand Henderson, Montgomery County Sheriff

#8: Simon Sequeira, Quadvest President and property rights advocate (with assists from real estate developers Mike Stoecker and Danny Signorelli)

#9: John Holzwarth and the Montgomery County government vendors’ “Deep State” (with assists from Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador and lame duck County Judge Craig Doyal)

#10: United States Congressman Kevin Brady.

Power Top Ten #1: Dr. Julie Turner, President of the Texas Patriots PAC

It would be difficult to overstate the influence and power of Dr. Julie Turner, President of the Texas Patriots PAC, which is the largest and most influential Tea Party organization in Texas. Turner, who holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from Texas A&M University, displayed her remarkable brilliance and the Patriots PAC’s continued vitality and impact in a number of immense respects during 2018.

The Texas Patriots PAC’s voter guide continues to have a gigantic effect in every election where it appears. As Cary Cheshire has described his own group, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, in Montgomery County the Patriots PAC helps candidates get over the finish line, although they must help themselves as well in order to win. Turner and the Patriots PAC have tried to follow the “Buckley Rule” by endorsing the most conservative candidates with a reasonable chance of winning.

Turner is not a loud and outspoken leader. Most of her work is behind-the-scenes. Nevertheless, no one should underestimate her massive influence.

Serious conservative candidates who seek to run for office in Montgomery County would be wise to discuss their prospects with Turner, her Vice President Jon Bauman, and her Treasurer Bill O’Sullivan before deciding whether to run. That informal “vetting” occurs regularly and assists the conservative movement as well as the candidates themselves.

That is not the only “vetting” of “The PAC,” as many conservatives refer to Turner’s Texas Patriots PAC. The organization, with Turner overseeing, conducts formal vetting interviews, asks candidates to complete written questionnaires, and conducts substantial investigations independently of the candidates to make their endorsement decisions. Partly as a result of the formal and informal vetting processes and partly as a result of the regular success of the organization, voters in Montgomery County and north Harris County have come to rely upon the Texas Patriots PAC endorsement enormously. Other organizations, such as Charlie Riley’s fake “Republican Voters of Texas PAC” or several of the other fake groups he and Craig Doyal have created over the years, don’t seem to work particularly well when voters know and rely upon the Texas Patriots PAC’s name brand and long-term wisdom.

During the 2016 and 2018 campaign cycles, Turner, Bauman, and O’Sullivan revealed another skill they’ve mastered: they’re among the best fundraisers in Texas. By raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to deploy in voter guides and campaign mailers, Turner and her team have impacted the outcome of elections within and outside of Montgomery County. Turner and the Texas Patriots PAC were instrumental in the election of Dan Crenshaw as the new Congressman of the Second Congressional District in Houston. The PAC’s voter guide helped Crenshaw, who had limited funding in the March 6 Republican Primary Election, defeat other candidates, such as activist Kathaleen Wall, who had far greater financial resources. In the General Election, when Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick wanted to invest his campaign funds in the wisest possible manner in order to assist other Republican candidates, he made a major contribution to the Texas Patriots PAC for use in Montgomery County and in campaigns elsewhere around the State.

Turner’s success comes primarily from three sources. She’s personally brilliant and possesses a wonderful personality. Second, she has a strong humility which prevents her from ever appearing overbearing or obnoxious. Third, Turner has two officers working at her side the impact of whom one should never underestimate.

There are few people more knowledgeable about substantive issues facing conservatives and Republicans than Jon Bauman, a retired attorney and oil company executive, who is Turner’s Vice President. Candidates and elected servants who seek guidance on strategy or critical voter concerns should always consult Bauman. Bauman is very much an insider for the Texas Patriots PAC.

The “outside man” of the organization is its Treasurer, Bill O’Sullivan, “The Sage.” O’Sullivan seems to be everywhere when something involves politics. He attends almost every meeting of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court and usually gives them advice during citizen comments. O’Sullivan is one of the leading animal rights activists in the community and is Chairman of the Board of The Homeless Animal Kindness Society (THANKS), a non-profit organization seeking to provide positive outcomes for homeless dogs and cats. O’Sullivan was at the forefront of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District election on November 6 and fought for the pro-property-rights reform slate of Restore Affordable Water (RAW), on whose Board of Directors O’Sullivan sits. Sometimes, it seems as though O’Sullivan (or his double?) is everywhere when political meetings occur.

Turner, Bauman, and O’Sullivan were very much at the forefront of “reform” efforts in Montgomery County during 2018. They didn’t just fight for the citizens. They fought wisely and with a careful strategy. As a result, Turner clearly can get things done in Montgomery County more effectively than anyone else.

There’s an important point, however, about Turner’s so-called “power.” Her influence and ability to get things done very much emanates from the citizen-activists as well as from her own remarkable talents. Turner has a great knack of marshaling resources and ideas but many of those resources and ideas come from the people motivated to bring reform to Montgomery County, which is a wonderful community significantly hampered from corruption in its local government (County, school districts, and special purpose districts, in particular).

Last year, The Golden Hammer named the citizens as a whole at the top of the Power Top Ten. That Dr. Julie Turner is at the top this year should noncom as any sort of denigration of the citizens, who are rapidly taking charge of government over the protests of “establishment” figures like Craig Doyal, Charlie Riley, Wally Wilkerson, and James Metts, who cling to power and don’t give a flip about the quality or quantity of freedom in Montgomery County.

Those citizens include many individuals, some of whom are in the Power Top Ten, such as Kelli Cook, Ginger Russell, Reagan Reed, or Simon Sequeira. They also include many others (a few of whom this newspaper will discuss tomorrow in the “Runners Up”).

The citizens continue to enjoy the most power, when they choose to exercise that power. Nevertheless, Turner is an individual who has excelled at utilizing the machinery of government and of politics to accomplish positive goals. Turner has made that choice to exercise power and she’s done so effectively and positively.




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