Congressman Kevin Brady is the second most powerful person in Montgomery County at the present time. In 2015, the House Republican Conference elected Brady as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, the main tax-writing committee of Congress. Brady’s success comes from two primary talents: (1) he is a heckuva nice person and knows how to get along with large groups of people (such as the House Republican Conference), and (2) he works very, very hard.

Brady, 61, was born and grew up in South Dakota. His first job out of college was as the chamber of commerce executive in Rapid City where he also ran and was elected to the Rapid City Town Council. In 1982, Brady moved to Texas to become the executive of the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce. He eventually moved to The Woodlands to become the President (paid staff person) of the South Montgomery County-Woodlands Chamber of Commerce. In 1990, he was elected to the Texas House of Representatives. For six years, Brady’s House office and the Chamber of Commerce shared a common inside door, so that Brady could work both positions at the same time. Brady’s two primary staffpeople as a State Representative were Doug Centilli, a brilliant and hard-hitting legislative director and chief of staff, and Janet Qureshi, Brady’s long-time constituent services director.


Brady’s close relationship with The Woodlands Corporation and the business community and his great political personality (low key, friendly, hard-working) paid off when he ran for the United States Congress in 1996 to fill the seat of the retiring Jack Fields. Brady defeated the self-financed Dr. Eugene Fontenot in the runoff for the 8th Congressional District in a bruising campaign. Brady lobbied within the House Republican Conference to get the appointment to fill Houston Congressman Bill Archer’s seat on the House Ways & Means Committee when Archer retired from Congress as Chairman of that Committee in 2000.


Brady slowly moved up the ranks of the Republican majority on Ways & Means and eventually also got a seat on the Joint Economic Committee, a committee with little influence but some nice opportunities for media coverage. Brady served as the Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee for two years.


Brady was a loyal lieutenant of House Speaker John Boehner and a friend on Ways & Means of Paul Ryan. Brady, who has greater seniority than Ryan, ran for Ways & Means Chairman in 2015, but the nationally-popular and photogenic Ryan easily got the backing of the House Republican Steering Committee. Brady conceded graciously and worked closely with Ryan. After Ryan became the Speaker, Brady’s ascension to Ways & Means Chairman was a certainty. His timing was quite fortunate.


With the election of Donald Trump, Brady stands in a great position to set tax policy for the United States at least during the next two years.


This Top Ten List is for Montgomery County, however, not the State or even the nation. As an effective Congressman, Brady has brought federal dollars into Montgomery County for a long time. He has been particularly effective at bringing federal highway and clean air funds into the community. In recent years, Brady has found great success bringing in veterans and health services funds into this community as well.


As an elected representative going all the way back to his days as a State Representative, Brady was an absolute master at constituent services. Few members of Congress are as effective as Brady at helping his constituents with issues involving federal government relationships. Do you have issues with the nice folks at the IRS? Brady is your man, especially with the help of Qureshi, High Priestess of Constituent Services (she’s arguably the best in the entire United States, which I’ve confirmed by speaking with people in other Congressional offices). Do you have problems getting your Social Security check? Go to Brady and Qureshi. Concerns about your veterans benefits? Answer: Kevin Brady.

Brady maintains his home in The Woodlands. His family lives here. Brady spends four nights a week when Congress is in session in an apartment in Washington, D.C., which he shares with House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana) and two others.


As a growing community, and one that pays substantial taxes to the federal government, Montgomery County has great need of a Congressman who can bring those dollars back and get things done in this community from which those dollars came. That’s Kevin Brady.


Congratulations to Congressman Kevin Brady for making the Top Ten List as #2.



#2 Kevin Brady, Congressman.

#3 Julie Turner, President, Texas Patriots Tea Party PAC.

#4 Robert Marling, Chairman and CEO, Woodforest Financial Group.

#5 Mike Meador, County Commissioner, Precinct One.

#6 Don Stockton, CISD Superintendant

#7 James Noack, County Commissioner, Precinct Three.

#8 Phyllis Martin, County Auditor.

#9 Bobby Adams, Civil Engineer.

#10 Rand Henderson, Sheriff-Elect.




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