Inertia is a force. County Commissioner (Precinct 1) Mike Meador is the fifth most powerful person in Montgomery County at the present time.

Elected in 1988, from humble beginnings, Meador has dedicated his career to the principle that county government exists for special interests to plunder. Contractors, real estate developers, massively overpaid Precinct 1 employees, and the “good ol’ boys,” who have made the mess of our county government that it is, truly adore Meador. He fights for them mostly behind-the-scenes, because the manner in which Meador governs could not possibly bear the scrutiny of day light.


For most major recent problems involving our county government, such as the Joe Corley Jail facility debacle, looking the other way from wasteful spending and animal cruelty at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, cronyism in awarding county contracts, nepotism in county employee hiring practices, and the massive growth in county property taxes from the growth of appraised home values by the Appraisal District, Meador is at the epicenter of decision making. (Meador serves on the 5-person Board of the Montgomery Central Appraisal District to ensure that tax collections increase as rapidly as his gluttonous spending.)


In 28 years on the Commissioners Court, Meador has never found a government spending proposal he dislikes. He has fought attempts by the county government to recoup overpayments of funds under county contracts. He has exerted strenuous leadership to exclude citizen participation in the county’s budget process, county salaries, and open government. Meador has openly ridiculed and despised the transparency efforts of conservative Republican women, Republican Party activists, Tea Party organizations, the Republican Leadership Council, and other groups.


Want to talk about some spending debacles? The Lone Star Convention Center in Precinct 1, the Lone Star Executive Airport in Precinct 1, or the hardly-traveled Mike Meador Parkway which he so kindly named after himself.


Two current County Commissioners, Charlie Riley and Jim Clark, look to Meador as their mentor and often as the defender of their terrible decisions. (Just watch on Tuesday, December 20, how Meador bullies forward to ensure that Commissioner Riley’s wife, Deanne, gets another high paying county job, even though the Sheriff’s Department no longer requires her services.)


County Judge Craig Doyal looks to Meador for leadership and has learned from Meador that, regardless of the terrible things an elected county official may do, if he ignores public criticism and publicly pretends everything is wonderful, the criticism eventually dissipates. During the October 2016 Animal Shelter Workshop, Meador complimented Commissioner Jim Clark and Animal Shelter Todd “Boss” Hayden for “raising the shelter to a new level.” In Meador’s world, if you say it, it must be true.


Meador’s extraordinarily overpaid staff wrote letters requesting that Meador get named “Boss of the Year” for 2016. Considering that Jule Puckett, a secretary, gets paid over $130,000 per year, and Bonnie Houser, a receptionist, just got 240 hours of comp time in one paycheck (!), what county employee wouldn’t want him named “Boss of the Year” especially when he’s playing with our money?!


If you want to get something done in Montgomery County and what you want to get done will involve spending large amounts of public funds, increasing taxes on regular citizens, or increasing the power and influence of big government, Meador is your man to get the job done without scrutiny.


Congratulations to Mike Meador for making the Top Ten List as #5.



#5 Mike Meador, County Commissioner, Precinct One.

#6 Don Stockton, CISD Superintendent

#7 James Noack, County Commissioner, Precinct Three.

#8 Phyllis Martin, County Auditor.

#9 Bobby Adams, Civil Engineer.

#10 Rand Henderson, Sheriff-Elect.




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