Texas Patriots PAC President Julie Turner is the third most powerful person in Montgomery County at the present time. Turner is not a full-time political activist. She holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Texas A&M University. She is a full-time wife to her husband Tim and a full-time mom to her two children in Magnolia where her family lives.

When you meet Turner, you find a very cordial, kind-hearted, and thoughtful person, but also someone who is very circumspect. She takes marked care with her words both privately and publicly. Turner doesn’t give a lot of public speeches, but, when she does, they are always very impressive. If there is anyone who personifies the “anti-good ol’ boy” movement in Montgomery County, it’s Julie Turner.


Turner and the Texas Patriots PAC have mastered the art of influencing voters at the instant when citizens come to vote by providing them with easy-to-read and thoughtful voter guides. She has enraged contractors, engineers, and some developers who have sought to buy influence when they give large sums of money to the “good ol’ boys” who are more than ready to soak up those funds. (I say “some developers” because a growing number of the real estate developers and other people in the real estate community have begun to recognize that the irresponsible spending, nepotism, cronyism and corruption of our community “leaders” are yielding significantly higher property taxes and making real estate sales far more difficult. The water issue, along with the Doyal-Adams-Halff-Riley-Clark-LSGCD-SJRA connection, is a great example of where cronyism squares off against what real estate interests seek to accomplish.)


Turner has had her greatest influence in down-ballot races where voters tend to be far less informed. The Texas Patriots PAC has not been quite as successful with the top-of-the-ticket races, such as the 2016 8th Congressional race, or the runoff for county judge in 2014. When voters know their candidate before they arrive at the polls, the success of the methodology of the Patriots PAC wanes outside of The Woodlands.


Don’t think for a moment that Turner is not a brilliant lady. She’s purposefully not flashy, although she easily could be, if she so chose. The Texas Patriots PAC is one of the most successful and influential Tea Party organizations in the United States both in fundraising and in organization. The organization maintains its influence due to Turner’s behind-the-scenes leadership and the continuing work of its keenly intelligent Vice President Jon Bauman and Treasurer Bill O’Sullivan.


For the purpose of this discussion, I generally define “power” as the ability to get things done in our community. So if someone has specific business or political goals and can get them done for himself or herself or for others, then they have power. Inside The Woodlands and Precinct Three, Turner and the Texas Patriots PAC clearly control the votes and exert enormous influence over the workings of government. They showed their influence in The Woodlands Township elections in November, 2016, against the Bruce Tough-Woodlands Development Company’s “70% Tax Increase” campaign which massively outspent the Patriots PAC and its pro-resident slate. As one moves away from The Woodlands and Montgomery County Commissioner’s Precinct Three, the influence of Turner and the PAC most certainly is less, although it is still significant in other parts of the County.


Julie Turner thoughtfully, carefully, and circumspectly has enormous power in Montgomery County, a remarkable accomplishment considering that wielding that power is a part-time hobby for this bright lady.


Congratulations to Julie Turner for making the Top Ten List as #3.



#3 Julie Turner, President, Texas Patriots Tea Party PAC.

#4 Robert Marling, Chairman and CEO, Woodforest Financial Group.

#5 Mike Meador, County Commissioner, Precinct One.

#6 Don Stockton, CISD Superintendant

#7 James Noack, County Commissioner, Precinct Three.

#8 Phyllis Martin, County Auditor.

#9 Bobby Adams, Civil Engineer.

#10 Rand Henderson, Sheriff-Elect.




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