The 10th most powerful person in Montgomery County at the present time is Rand Henderson, Sheriff-Elect, a resident of Willis. He won the Republican Primary Election in March and was elected, unopposed, in the General Election in November.

Henderson is presently a Captain over the Patrol Division and works under Sheriff Tommy Gage, who hand-picked Henderson as his successor when Gage announced that he would retire on December 31, 2016. Henderson is poised to make the appointments of his leadership team in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department on December 12. Many insiders believe that Montgomery County will enjoy our first African-American Chief Deputy in history, an appointment that will certainly be a major milestone for our community.

Henderson derives his power from his excellent leadership qualities as a law enforcement officer, his personal integrity, and the fact that he is a heckuva nice person. His wonderful children reflect how great Henderson and his wife are as parents. The strengths of Henderson’s personality jumped out (both figuratively and literally!) at citizens during the election when one could tell that people such as the mighty “K-Ray,” Billy Jordan, Ollie Coward, and so many other peace officers campaigned their hearts out to see Captain Henderson take the leadership position in the MCSO.

For the purpose of this discussion, I generally define “power” as the ability to get things done in our community. So if someone has specific business or political goals and can get them done for himself or herself or for others, then they have power.

Henderson perfectly meets that definition. He doesn’t know everything but also recognizes his own limitations, which is another important trait for successful leaders and power-wielders. For example, he realizes that political machinations are often best left to others when one must act as an enforcer of the law and appear objective in so doing. That is the reason he has utilized the services of the brilliant Marc Davenport, one of the sharpest political arrows anyone could have in their quiver in Montgomery County politics.

Henderson has enormous potential energy. That’s what power is all about. Congratulations to him for making the Top Ten List.




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