Political signs tell interesting stories about the “nonpartisan” candidates on and running for Conroe ISD Board

Political signs tell interesting stories about the “nonpartisan” candidates on and running for Conroe ISD Board

Image: By far the most liberal Conroe Independent School District Board member, Datren Williams clearly is out of touch with community principles in the jurisdiction of the school district. Williams has the most liberal voting record and openly supports ultra-liberal, out-of-touch Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke who, like Williams, attempted to block relief for Hurricane Harvey victims in Montgomery County.

Conroe and The Woodlands area, November 5 – The political signs in the yards of members of the Conroe Independent School District (CISD) Board members and candidates running for those positions in the November 6, 2018, General Election reveal a lot about them.

Datren Williams, who is up for re-election in this election cycle, has, by far, the worse voting record of any member of the CISD Board. He consistently votes with the CISD bureaucracy, doesn’t question them, votes for higher spending every time, and fought both behind-the-scenes and openly to deny Hurricane Harvey victims property tax relief, so that CISD could accumulate more excess cash. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Williams, who clearly is out-of-touch with sentiment and principles in the CISD’s geographic area, would have a sign showing support for Robert Francis O’Rourke, the Irishman with criminal arrests for burglary, driving-while-intoxicated, and other offenses, running for the United States Senate as an ultra-liberal against incumbent Republican Ted Cruz, who has the strongest voting record in the entire Senate (other than Senator Rand Paul.)

John Husbands of Conroe, another CISD incumbent not up for election, has no political signage in his Conroe yard at all.

Among the candidates running for election to the CISD Board, Stephen M. “Skeeter” Hubert obviously has received the support of his neighbors. Hubert has a sign supporting his re-election at the end of his Conroe driveway. As one drives along his street to get there, however, Hubert has placed political signs supporting his candidacy in almost every driveway in the Pine Acres subdivision, which is quite an eclectic community ranging from trailer houses to large mansions.

Hubert’s opponent, realtor Jamie Quinn, has run a low-key race, although she did receive the endorsement of this newspaper, as the clear conservative choice between the two of them. Quinn has worked for Republican candidates and consistently votes in the Republican Primary. Hubert does not vote in the Republican Primary and usually only supports himself politically.

The Position 2 race is also a low key matter between incumbent Ray Sanders and two opponents. Sanders has no political signs in his front yard in Woodforest subdivision. His two opponents, April Andreski (whom The Golden Hammer has endorsed) and Kevin McZeal have run low-key campaigns. Andreski has actually been one of the hardest working volunteers for the Montgomery County Republican Party Victory 2018 Steering Committee and is a friend of Committee Captain Kelli Cook.

Position 1 is where the campaigning action is among the three CISD electoral contests. There are four candidates running for the open seat left by Melanie Pryor Bush’s decision to run for Montgomery County Treasurer as the Republican Nominee.

Dale Inman, the clear conservative in the four-way race for CISD Position 1, has a plethora of political signs in his front yard. Inman is the Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party Victory 2018 Steering Committee and has received the endorsements in his CISD race from The Golden Hammer, the Texas Patriots PAC, and the Montgomery County Tea Party, among many others. Inman’s signs include those supporting Senator Ted Cruz, Republican Nominee for Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough, Melisa Miller for District Clerk, Will Metcalf for re-election to State Representative (District 16), and Congressman Kevin Brady.

The sign surprisingly missing from Inman’s front yard, in Conroe’s Rivershire subdivision, is one supporting Inman! This newspaper asked Inman to explain. He responded, “I only have four by four signs and didn’t think they’d be appropriate in my front yard in a residential neighborhood.”

Inman’s most active opponent is Theresa Wagaman. Wagaman is not quite as bashful as Inman about placing signs in her front yard in The Woodlands. Wagaman has six (6) political signs in her front yard: Ted Cruz for the Senate, Greg Abbott for Governor, Melanie Bush for County Treasurer, and three (3) for herself!

CISD candidate, Position 1, Theresa Wagaman has six political signs in her front yard in The Woodlands among which three are for herself.

Liberal democrat Kathleen Harmatuk-Swisher has taken the low-key approach to signage in her front yard in The Woodlands. She has no signs for herself. Harmatuk-Swisher only has a political sign supporting Treva Taglieri, the liberal democrat, challenging incumbent Brian Boniface for the Woodlands Township Board of Directors. Boniface received the first endorsement of a nonpartisan candidate in the history of the Montgomery County Republican Party when the County Executive Committee unanimously endorsed the Republican Boniface against his democrat opponent Taglieri.

Paul Piper, Jr., who is also running for CISD Position 1, has essentially run no campaign, so it’s no surprise that there are no signs in his front yard in Sterling Ridge in The Woodlands.



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