Political “establishment” sweeps to victories in local elections, continues stronghold against reform, citizen activism

Political “establishment” sweeps to victories in local elections, continues stronghold against reform, citizen activism

Image: Progress in the form of government reform suffered numerous cruel blows during the May 1, 2021, elections. The political “establishment” seems always to prevail in elections outside of the Primary Election and the General Election. Will political thought ever move away from a Flat Earth?

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Montgomery County, May 4 – The political “establishment” swept to numerous victories in the May 1, 2021, elections across Montgomery County, as voter turnout truly was horrible. In the two most closely-watched races, the Magnolia Independent School District (Magnolia ISD) and the City of Montgomery, the controlling political elite soundly defeated grassroots candidates.

It’s a sad contrast, because two years ago today, on May 4, 2019, The Golden Hammer‘s Publisher Kelli Cox, Ginger Russell, Jonna Johnson, “Princess” April Andreski, Jennie Stephenson, Scott Shaver, Cindy Gaskill, and a few others were instrumental in the citizen victory in defeating the Conroe Independent School District’s $807 million bond proposal, the largest in the school district’s history. Less than a year before that major grassroots win, Ginger Russell also known as the “Quiet Lady From Magnolia, and Cox, almost by themselves, defeated a major tax hike election in the Magnolia ISD.

Additionally, grassroots conservatives had worked very hard to win several major races in the Republican Primary Election in March, 2018, including Mark Keough’s defeat of incumbent County Judge Craig Doyal, and Melanie Bush’s defeat of incumbent County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport.

The times have changed quite a bit, however. In the 2020 Republican Primary Election, the political “establishment,” primarily through the engine of the deceitful Kristin Christ and her and Commissioner Charlie Riley’s mis-named political group, the “Republican Voters of Texas,” won several victories for pro-spending, Big Government candidates. After Christ’s husband, Bryan Christ, won election as County Republican Chairman, the Montgomery County Republican Party moved backwards against from the organizational gains the political party had made over the previous four years, resulting in a poorer showing for President Donald Trump in Montgomery County than he had enjoyed in 2016 and a lower Republican vote than the grassroots-managed 2018 General Election campaign had garnered.

In Magnolia ISD’s election, incumbent Travis Moffatt suffered threats from Russell who campaigned vociferously against the school district’s pro-collectivist curriculum, particularly in its “international baccalaureate” program. Russell personally campaigned door-to-door and was able to see a higher grassroots vote than almost any in the history of the school district.

The problem, however, was that Russell was not on the ballot and wasn’t running for any office. Instead, she campaigned for Sharon Craig, an anti-establishment former Magnolia ISD teacher whose campaign depended almost entirely on the efforts of Russell.

Moffatt won 862 votes to Craig’s 501 was a 63% to 37% victory. Russell’s door-to-door issue-focused campaigning clearly paid off, however, as Craig’s percentage was significantly higher on Election Day. Russell enjoyed little help from other conservative activists, who seem subdued and tired.

In the City of Willis City Council, Tamara Hector-Young fended off a challenge from Tom Belinoski. What it reveals is that, even getting arrested doesn’t seem to harm the political establishment in low turnout elections.

Willis City Council member Tamara Hector-Young won re-election on May 1.

The City of Montgomery’s political races comprised clear victories for the anti-reform “establishment” of Mayor Sara Countryman and her liberal political allies. The results from the Montgomery County Elections Administrator follow:

The political establishment enjoyed sweeping victories in the City of Montgomery elections on May 1.

In all of those races, the reality is that low voter turnout prevailed in every election. Low voter turnout always favors the “establishment” and harms efforts to reform.



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