Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Christ, Precinct Chairs conclude organizational meeting with strong unity

Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Christ, Precinct Chairs conclude organizational meeting with strong unity

Image: Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Bryan Christ showed exemplary leadership during the first meeting of the Republican County Executive Committee over which he presided on Tuesday, August 18, 2020.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, August 19 – Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman (“MCRP”) Bryan Christ, the newly-elected leader of the local Republican Party, ran a smooth, yet very lengthy, organizational meeting of the Republican County Executive Committee (“CEC”), the group composed of the one hundred elected Precinct Chairs from across this community. The meeting ended after 4 a.m. Wednesday morning, August 19, 2020, but closed with a strong and unified Republican Party more than it has in several decades.

Chairman Christ told The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, “It was great to get started on the business of the Montgomery County Republican Party 2020 County Executive Committee.  We’ve got a lot of work to do, and everyone is eager to roll up their sleeves.  The November election is rapidly approaching and we need to capitalize on the sense of excitement throughout the Party to re-elect President Trump and to give strong support to all of our Republican candidates in the General Election.”

While Christ and the Precinct Chairs engaged in a lot of hard work during the meeting, they were able to accomplish a lot and leave the next morning with a strong sense of unity among Party leaders.

After approximately eight hours of discussion, the MCRP adopted new bylaws, which are very similar to the ones MCRP adopted two years ago. Generally, the Party bylaws give considerable control of the Party appointments and leadership to the elected Precinct Chairs.

Conservative Precinct Chairs, who wanted to continue with bylaws which spread authority of the Party to the grassroots volunteers, clearly controlled the votes in the meeting, as became evident after an early vote to overrule a ruling by Christ on adopting a new agenda for the meeting. The vote to overrule Christ’s ruling was 43 to 34 and portended other votes the entire evening.

Around 4 a.m. on Wednesday, the Executive Committee voted to elect new leaders for the Republican Party during the next two years to work under the direction of County Chairman Christ. Daniel Ure, a Republican Precinct Chairman from the Magnolia area, will serve as the Vice Chairman. Raquel Lewis, a Precinct Chair from Conroe, will serve as the Party’s Secretary, and John Hill Wertz of The Woodlands won re-election as the Treasurer.

Wertz told The Golden Hammer, “Passing our bylaws laid the groundwork for the CEC to then elect the most qualified from amongst us into leadership positions, including Vice Chair Daniel Ure (who was the SD4 Convention Chair), new secretary Raquel Lewis(who headed up the Nominations Committee at the SD4 Convention), and 5 other conservatives who formed the nucleus of the powerful Steering Committee, which is part of the organizational structure that was carried over from the last biennium.  We want to replicate our victory two years ago when Montgomery County provided over 40% of the difference in Senator Ted Cruz’s margin of victory over Beto.”

Wertz continued, “Many people were responsible for our successes last evening, some speaking  up on the floor, including Brian Crumby, Allison Winter, Rachel Bingham, Sean Ricker, myself, and others. Jon Bouche was also very instrumental. Thanks to Allison Winter, 5 new precinct chairs were added this morning! All of our conservative caucus stayed to the very end, because they knew what we were doing was right.”

The ever-popular Lewis told this newspaper, “I am honored and humbled to have the trust of my peers to place me in this role [of Party Secretary]. Together, I know we will do great things as we fight to keep America, Texas, and Montgomery County red. On to victory in November!”

Christ showed remarkable patience and care in his leadership presiding over the meeting. Clearly, the new Republican Chairman has made a priority of ensuring that all volunteers feel that their voice is heard.

Precinct Chairman Scott Baker commented during the early debate over the agenda, “We have a president to get re-elected and we can’t afford to waste time on things like this. He’s been elected Chairman [referring to Christ]. He sets the temporary agenda.” Baker revealed a lot of common sense in that comment and during the remainder of the meeting. He offered many helpful suggestions to aid in adoption of bylaws to strengthen the Republican Party.

Wertz concluded that “County GOP Chairman Bryan Christ and I spoke after wrapping up the early morning meeting (sometime after 4:00am) to begin working together in unison to continue to keep Montgomery County red and to defeat Democrats this November.”

The newly-elected members of the Republican Party Steering Committee are Dale Inman, Phill Cady, Amber Shippam, George Hyde, and David Smith.

Dale Inman, who is a Trustee of the Conroe Independent School District and a Baptist Pastor, will serve as Chairman of the Republican Party’s Victory 2020 Steering Committee, which will lead the November 2020 General Election campaign on behalf of the Party.




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