Political consultant Marc Davenport parries The Golden Hammer’s article about the County Treasurer appointment, Yollick ripostes

Political consultant Marc Davenport parries The Golden Hammer’s article about the County Treasurer appointment, Yollick ripostes

IMAGE: County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport and her husband, political consultant Marc Davenport.

Conroe, April 7 – Political consultant Marc Davenport responded to the article in The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, on Publisher Eric Yollick’s Facebook page this evening. Davenport’s response, and Yollick’s reply follow:

Marc Davenport’s Response

Political consultant Marc Davenport, leader of the “Establishment”?

“Eric Yollick is obviously craving my attention, so I will respond to this one. I can do so without bias because A.) When Stephanne was appointed and took office I did not know her. B.) I have the same facts that Eric has but chose not to use, to leave the impression that he desired to leave.

“‪Stephanne was nominated by James Noack, second and third by Doyal and Sadler because she works really hard, she is innovative, she has a record of doing what was right and necessary. She has a servant’s heart, and is well respected in the community. She brings to the government the courage to question the status quo and make changes to bring savings and needed effective leadership.

“Lindsey Doyal was hired by Martha Gustavsen on her first interview. Stephanne was introduced to Lindsey Doyal for the first time on Lindsey’s first day at work, by Martha Gustavsen, Stephanne’s boss. Stephanne and Lindsey had never met before. She was told by Martha that Lindsey Doyal would be her assistant. Stephanne did not interview Lindsey prior to Lindsey being hired by Martha Gustavsen in Jan 2012.

“After Stephanne’s appointment, if there had been a Quid Pro Quo, Lindsey Doyal would/could have been Payroll Coordinator on July 1st 2013, when Stephanne took office, but in fact Stephanne appointed Patricia Reaves, Payroll Coordinator. Lindsey Doyal went to work for Mark Bosma in Purchasing July 6th 2013. Lindsey was interviewed and recommended for the purchasing position by Dodi Shaw. She did not return to the Treasurer’s office until Jan 2014. By then, I did know Stephanne and I advised against her doing it because of the politics and optics, Stephanne’s response to me, when I found out was, “I needed her and she is the most qualified.” That is who Stephanne is. To me that means she inherited her staff July 1st 2013.

“This whole nepotism argument is a ruse of attacking the character of Craig Doyal as if Craig has control over Stephanne Davenport. Others are watching the show and looking for sport. Stephanne has the mandate of the county wide voters in 2014, she cooperates with all, is beholding to none. Eric and James do not want to take on the 100’s of law enforcement who have followed their fathers and brothers into service. The couples who have met during their careers. The electeds and candidates that have relatives that work for the county. Many people have been raised to believe that service is an honorable profession, sons whose fathers have died in the military service, followed them to honor the tradition.

“If James Noack has any questions about any operations of Treasurer’s department, he can call her extension or call her to the podium, she is more then ready to discuss any or all of his concerns.

“I personally have no idea why James Noack sent Evan Besong to the podium on 3/14/17 with his proxy and 2 messages, both that were in error. A.) There never was a recommendation by HR to wait until budget hearings for the position change and budget reduction and B.) I am not now and nor have I ever been Craig Doyal’s Campaign manager or in any way a member of his campaign team, nor has he asked me to be. I am a strong believer in “the consent of the governed” which means that I respect the leaders that are elected to serve, because the citizens entrusted them with the authority by their vote and I will help those of good will when called to serve my country or community. My political clients are Stephanne Davenport, Rand Henderson, Wayne Mack, Judge James Metts, Rowdy Hayden, and Jason Dunn.  All people of honor and integrity who serve the citizens of Montgomery County very well, we all work well together and will continue to do so. We will work with others who are doing good things for the county and will oppose those that are not.

“What is troubling is that since 3/14/17 James has criticized Stephanne, for something that only he has done. Stephanne never called out Dodi Shaw, she called out the department for a lack of integrity. The point being where there is no confidentiality there is no integrity. The letters that Dodi Shaw circulated to the commissioners and media show that she and Kathy entered into a confidential conversation with agreement, Sept 26, 2016. The facts are that information about that meeting were circulated with malice intent to Eric and others in Pct 3 in Oct/Nov 2016. I was asked about it by him. The fact that James has chosen to name Dodi as the target either means he knows more then we do as to who the responsible person is or he is mistaken. Eric should clarify his source. Stephanne Davenport’s chief complaint was the 165 days that the HR department took.

“As he has with others, Eric and I have met in the smoke filled back rooms of Babin’s many times. He wants me to join his new party he is creating. While I agree with some of the goals, I do not agree with the tactics and the records of some of people that have capitulated and signed up with him. I have researched the agenda’s and budget more thoroughly than Eric and know far more about where the money has gone. Eric is not the only one that can wait 2 hours to speak 6 min. It is my choice to discuss it at the podium or release it to a more qualified opponent.

“So Eric will continue his attack and his harangue knowing that nothing can be done about it. He has a plan to exploit and test the boundaries the Texas Anti-Slapp law. That is why he calls himself a newspaper.

“Eric is not concerned with the facts, Eric is concerned with the effect.”

Publisher Eric Yollick’s Response

Yollick pondering the next article in The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper.

Yollick Response:

“Good evening, Marc Davenport. I hope you and Steph are doing well and enjoy this gorgeous weekend! I consider you a friend, as you know, so it’s always fun to discuss matters with you. There’s an interesting issue that you raise in the fourth paragraph from the bottom that begins “What is troubling…” In that paragraph you refer to a September 26, 2016, meeting, which the entire community found out about when Ms. Dodi Shaw’s February 13, 2017, letter came into my hands and then I wrote about it in The Golden Hammer, www.thegoldenhammer.net, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper.

“The February 13, 2017, letter of Dodi Shaw referred to that September 26, 2016, meeting. I had asked you at one of our lunches at Babin’s whether there was any truth to the rumors that Steph was working to promote Lindsey Doyal as part of the County Treasurer’s reorganization. You emphatically said that there was no truth to that, so I took you on your word at the time.

“After I received Ms. Shaw’s letter, however, I did an Public Information Act/Open Meetings Act request for a bunch of documents. One of the sets of documents, dated September 6, 2016, were some Personnel Description Questionnaires (PDQs), which had come from the County Treasurer’s Office, stated in writing that they were prepared by Stephanne Davenport, and explicitly stated that Steph was proposing to promote Lindsey Doyal, Craig Doyal’s daughter, to the position of “Assistant County Treasurer” with an increase in pay. Those PDQs were apparently the subject of the September 26, 2016, meeting between Steph, Ms. Shaw, Ms. Kathy Flowers (HR Assistant Director), and Ms. Doyal.

“Stephanne Davenport, your wife and my friend, claims that she did not prepare those PDQs wherein she purportedly stated that Lindsey Doyal would receive that substantial promotion. I have repeatedly asked Steph both in writing and verbally “who prepared the PDQs dated September 6?” Steph announced on March 14, 2017, from the podium in the Commissioners Court that she refuses to disclose who prepared the PDQs.

“In your post above, you state that ‘The facts about that meeting [September 26] were circulated with malice intent to Eric and others…’ You should explain how someone could have acted with “malice intent” in circulating that information. Here’s why I ask that question.

“Steph refuses to disclose who wrote the September 6 PDQs. Obviously, she knows who wrote them. Those PDQs are now clearly precisely the source of the “rumors” that Steph sought to promote Lindsey Doyal last year. Those PDQs are now precisely the cause of all of the nepotism questions raised about Steph’s proposed “reorganization” of her department.

“I can’t speak for the intent of the dozens of people who told me about the proposed promotion of Lindsey Doyal under Steph’s reorganization last year, because I don’t live inside their heads. I also can’t speak for the intent of Dodi Shaw who told the world in her February 13 letter about the proposed promotion of Lindsey Doyal under Steph’s reorganization last year, because I’ve actually never even spoken to Ms. Shaw and I also don’t live inside her head.

“What I can speak for, however, is that the September 6 PDQs clearly form a very concrete basis for ANYONE objectively to believe that Stephanne Davenport intended to promote Lindsey Doyal to the position of Assistant County Treasurer as of September, 2016, because THE DOCUMENTS THAT STATE THEY WERE WRITTEN BY STEPHANNE DAVENPORT, DATED SEPTEMBER 6, 2016, DIRECTLY STATE THAT.

“Now, Steph refuses to tell us the identity of the person whom she’s trying to claim wrote those documents. Additionally, I sent Steph a Public Information Request/Open Records Request that directly concerns the computer data that would show who wrote those documents. There is only one Department Director who has completely ignored that request. Guess who? Your wife, Stephanne Davenport.

“So as far as malice, malice intent, or malicious intent, an objective person would look at the situation and infer that the only malice is flowing from Stephanne Davenport towards the rest of the outside world.

Davenport’s Next Response

Political consulting wunderkind Marc Davenport (left) and County Judge Craig Doyal (right, with arm around Davenport).

Davenport: “Dear Eric Yollick, Your friend my wife did reply March 29th at 7:28 am, she also verified with IT who also responded.”

Yollick’s Next Response

Eric Yollick, Publisher of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, pondering a meal at Babin’s.


No, sir. I never got a response.”

Two more points: I agree with one sentiment in your post above. I still like and support your wife, although I believe she’s made some serious mistakes largely due to political ambition. I do believe that Craig Doyal is using Stephanne Davenport to promote his daughter Lindsey Doyal. It’s nepotism at its crassest.”

“Second point: your post is making me hungry. Are you free for lunch at Babin’s on Tuesday at noon? Perhaps, we can discuss how to drain the Montgomery County swamp.”

Davenport’s Response

Davenport: “I hear you have been unfaithful at our rendezvous point it would not be the same.”

Yollick’s Response

Yollick: “Marc Davenport, That’s really great! Yes, I was caught – with another – by the entire Leadership Team of the Reeve of the Shire on Thursday. But I ate different food than what I would have had with you. ‪?”

Publisher’s Notes

Davenport claims that she responded that there were no responsive documents to the Public Information Act/Open Records Act request in an email dated March 29, 2017, at 7:28 a.m. The request asked for the computer data – including electronic data – used to create the September 6, 2016, PDQs. That data would have to exist. Davenport, the County’s Information Technology Department, and the Human Resources Department all claim that the computer data doesn’t exist. Somehow, Stephanne Davenport downloaded Adobe files from the Human Resources Department, filled them out, and submitted the PDQs to Dodi Shaw and Kathy Flowers in the Human Resources Department, but no computer data exists.

Sorry, Stephanne, IT Department, and HR Department. That’s impossible, even with the terrible computer system that the Information Technology Department maintains for Montgomery County…

…and, Marc, are we having lunch on Tuesday at Babin’s at high noon or not? All your clients are welcome to attend, as long as there’s no quorum established for the Commissioners Court…





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