Paxton, 18 other state attorneys general catch Biden administration exceeding regulatory powers to harm natural gas industry

Paxton, 18 other state attorneys general catch Biden administration exceeding regulatory powers to harm natural gas industry

Image: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has become the de facto Attorney General of the United States.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Austin, January 14 – Already it seems that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has become the chief immigration law enforcement officer in the United States. Paxton has repeatedly sued the Biden administration for its failure to enforce immigration laws and has won almost every one of those lawsuit to force Biden and his scofflaw allies to follow the laws already on the books.

The Biden administration fails to follow the clear dictates of statutes in fields ranging from immigration, election integrity, antitrust laws, and many others. At the same time, in other areas, where it’s politically expedient, the Biden administration has gone far beyond its statutory authority, such as in Biden’s September 9, 2021, announcement of a national vaccine mandate applicable to businesses having 100 or more employees.

In another example of the willingness of the Biden administration to exceed any statutory authority which the Executive Branch legally received from Congress, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is about to issue regulations regulating greenhouse gas emissions from the production of natural gas. As a result, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has joined a group of state Attorneys General in protesting against those illegal regulations, which are illegal because the FERC has no environmental regulatory authority whatsoever.

Only the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has such authority and they’re not issuing the regulations.

General Paxton said on Wednesday, “The proposed mitigation both exceeds FERC’s mission and regulatory authority and would impose excessive costs on suppliers and consumers for one of Texas’ vital energy sources – natural gas. Given the current economic impact of the pandemic and current inflation, it would be reckless and unreasonable to force both companies and communities to incur outrageous costs.”

Paxton also noted that the federal Natural Gas Act also reserves to the states the regulation of all impacts from the upstream or downstream consumption of natural gas, but the Biden administration’s proposed greenhouse gas emissions regulations seek directly to control such consumption.

At least since Barack Obama issued an executive order to implement new immigration criteria and allow illegal aliens to enter the United States with almost no restrictions, executives at all level of government have followed the same approach. The executives legislate without the legislature. Biden, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough, and thousands of others have all pushed far beyond the limits of their legal authority to create law without legislative authorization.



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