Paul Lazzaro, Founding Father of The Woodlands Residents’ Advocates answers the question whether incorporation of The Woodlands is necessary

Paul Lazzaro, Founding Father of The Woodlands Residents’ Advocates.

By Guest Editorialist Paul Lazzaro

IS INCORPORATION STILL NECESSARY because, for the first time in Texas history, the state legislature passed a law that will prevent a municipality anywhere in Texas from exercising a forced annexation of territory without the voters in that territory approving the accession in advance?


What would you give to be able to tell Hughes Corporation not to build another office building or shopping center in The Woodlands? “Thanks, we have enough commercial development, tax abatements, corporate headquarters, and labor base to take care of our needs and those of the companies headquartered here.”

What response would you give to County Commissioner Charlie Riley, Noack, Meador, and Metts who are planning to expand Woodlands Parkway, turn Gosling Road, and Branch Crossing into thruways heading to Conroe, North, and West County? “No, thank you Commissioners, we like our streets just the way they are.”

How would you like to establish zones where no one can build anything without approval of a Planning and Zoning department reporting to an elected Mayor and City Council? That’s called Zoning. “Oops, sorry, Mr. Developer, that backs up to a residential neighborhood.”

Like our trees? Take a look at Hughes Landing aka Hughes Clearing. That will not happen when your representatives are issuing permits. “Sorry, Mr. Developer, that’s a No-Go because you would need to clear too many trees.

There are now 12 government and quasi-government entities that can make rules that affect powerless and unincorporated The Woodlands. “Hey, guys, it’s great to finally have a seat at the conference table and vote on projects. Now, what is it you want to do to our self-governed City of The Woodlands?”

 If you don’t like what’s currently going on with commercial and residential developments, roads, traffic, clear-cuts, and wanton intrusions of lights, parking, and noise, turn the powerless Woodlands Township into the powerful City of The Woodlands, destined to grow from one of America’s greatest master-planned communities into one of the most splendid and well-planned cities in all of Texas.



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