Montgomery County Government “For Sale” Part 6: why it’s so important to the Davenport Ring to get rid of Commissioner Jim Clark (and Bagley too)

Montgomery County Government “For Sale” Part 6: why it’s so important to the Davenport Ring to get rid of Commissioner Jim Clark (and Bagley too)

Image: Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark with Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Walter Wilkerson, Jr., at the East Montgomery County Senior Center on October 10, 2017. It’s critical to the Davenport Ring – the corrupt group that follows corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport – that they get rid of Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark as quickly as possible, so that they may proceed with their plans to place Phonoscope’s deep fiber optic cable system throughout the Montgomery County government with expansion into area municipalities and private developments.

June 19 incident at Precinct 4 Commissioner Jim Clark’s office

New Caney, October 24 – On June 19, 2017, County employee Marie Moore, the fabled Precinct 4 Administrator who passed away on September 4, frantically called the Publisher of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper. “You’ve got to get over here as fast as you can!” Moore stressfully told him. The Publisher rushed to Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark’s office from The Woodlands, over the Grand Parkway, and through New Caney, and arrived at the County office.

“You just missed a Phonoscope truck that was here for over an hour,” Moore told the Publisher and a newspaper staff person who had rushed to East Montgomery County. “I don’t know why they were here but they spent a long time inside of our computer network room.”

The reception staff in Clark’s office described that two men had gotten out of the Phonoscope truck and come into the office, telling the staff, “We’re here to conduct a survey that your IT Department has ordered.” Not knowing what was really happening, Clark’s staff permitted the Phonoscope men into the inner workings of their office.

When The Golden Hammer staff people walked through the office, there at first appeared nothing unusual. The computer closet appeared untouched. Nothing was unusual, so the group began to walk out when the Publisher noticed something sort of strange: a yellow plastic tag was sticking out of a conduit pipe at the back of the closet. Sure enough, the tag had “Phonoscope” markings and a conduit rope felt taut inside the conduit pipe.

Yellow phonoscope label attached to conduit rope inside the computer closet in the County’s Precinct 4 office, June 19, 2017.

The group immediately went outside the Commissioners Precinct 4 Office and discovered the other end of the Phonoscope conduit outside the County fence next to a telephone pole. The conduit also had a yellow Phonoscope label.

Phonoscope label outside of the Commissioner Precinct 4 office, at the other end of the conduit pipe, June 19, 2017.

At that point, the group called the telephone number on the label. An operator answered, “Phonoscope” and was unable to connect the callers with anyone inside the deep fiber optic cable company. Later that afternoon, this newspaper confirmed with two different individuals, who requested anonymity, that the installation of conduit in Precinct 4, as well as in Commissioner Precinct 2 Charlie Riley’s office the same day, came on direct orders from corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport who had directed the Phonoscope workers to tell Clark’s employees that they were at his office merely to conduct a “survey.”

The Davenport Ring – the corrupt group of politicians who follow the orders and direction of Davenport including JPs James Metts and Wayne Mack, among others, and a political newcomer Jason Dunn – had sent workmen into Clark’s Commissioners Office without Clark’s permission or authority. In fact, none of the installations that occurred on June 19, June 20, or the remainder of that work week had ever received authority from the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. On Friday, June 24, 2017, the same Phonoscope team that had attacked Clark’s office in New Caney spent several hours doing installations inside the Sadler Administration Building.

On Wednesday, June 21, the problem got quite a bit worse for Clark and his staff at Precinct 4 when they arrived at work to discover that Phonoscope had installed two lines of red flags from the outdoor end of the conduit, through the security fence, across the Precinct 4 grass, across the parking lot, and up to the Precinct 4 Office Building. Phonoscope and Davenport clearly had every intention of installing fiber optic cable at Clark’s office without Clark’s or the Commissioners Court’s permission!

Phonoscope flags to mark where Phonoscope and Davenport intended to install fiber optic cable lines on June 21 at the Commissioners Precinct 4 Office without any permission or authority.

Clark instructed his road and bridge employees to remove the flags and mow the grass so that they could remove the red paint stains that Phonoscope had spray-painted on the County grass. Phonoscope hasn’t returned to Clark’s office since that time.

The Davenport Ring wants to get rid of Clark…

It turns out that Clark is a serious problem for the Davenport Ring’s ambition to seize control of the County government’s Information Technology and Purchasing functions, particularly with respect to the installation of a deep fiber optic cable system by Phonoscope which will establish a “trunk line” in the County government and then give Phonoscope and the Davenport Ring the ability to make private sales of cable service to area cities, homeowners associations, and private real estate developers. Clark is a problem for them, because (1) he’s refused to work with the Davenport Ring, and (2) he won’t allow the Davenport Ring or Phonoscope to install cable or related equipment in County buildings and rights-of-way in Commissioners Precinct 4 (East Montgomery County) without getting Commissioners Court approval first. The Commissioners Court, of course, has never approved a Phonoscope contract.

“It seems awfully strange to me,” Clark told The Golden Hammer in an exclusive interview yesterday afternoon. “Why would they be doing everything that they’ve done – surveys, line locations, installations – when they didn’t have any permission and wouldn’t even let me or my staff know they were coming.”

“It would be like DirectTV showing up at my house to do an installation and I didn’t even call them. When I wouldn’t open the door, they’d pick the lock to get in,” Clark said.

As for Phonoscope, Clark added, “I’m not comfortable with Davenport having a connection to it. There’s no contract in place. It looks suspicious. The County government has a process that we must go through when adding a vendor and making a selection for a new contract. I don’t fee comfortable with the way things with Phonoscope have gone forward. It seems like we’re getting outside the process of vendor approval for Phonoscope. Even though they’re approved under the Harris County Buyboard, what really concerns me is that they would do all of this legwork and groundwork with no contract in place. It seems like Phonoscope expected to get a County contract through Davenport which is very disturbing.”


…and Bagley as well

The Davenport Ring has the plan all sorted out. Davenport has made clear for almost a year that Davenport’s running Precinct 4 JP James Metts against Clark for the Commissioner’s Office. Metts has appeared at numerous events, including the East Montgomery County Fair, with “Metts 2018” signs that don’t identify the office for which he’s running. Davenport “client” and Ring member Jason Dunn, a member of the Splendora ISD Board of Trustees, has already announced that he’s running for Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace. Three employees inside of Metts’ JP office have confirmed that Metts and Davenport needed to select Metts’ replacement in order to ensure the next JP after Metts utilized the services of Graves Humphries Stahl and NetData to keep that Davenport-led County contract in full bloom as well.

Complicating the situation is longtime conservative activist Bob Bagley who is also running for the Precinct 4 Commissioner spot against Clark. The Golden Hammer interviewed Bagley yesterday. Bagley made it clear that, if elected, he would not allow Phonoscope to come into Commissioners Precinct 4 without Commissioners Court approval.

“It seems like shady business to me,” Bagley said. “I don’t have ties to the Davenport Ring. I don’t have ties to anybody. When you have your campaign manager selling products to the same individuals whom he’s campaigning for, that’s pretty shady.”




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