Part 3*** of 3: The budget process is easily the most anti-American Exceptionalism of the corrupt Montgomery County government

Montgomery County Auditor Phyllis Martin.

Conroe, June 11 – That government power comes from the people and that government must do the will of the people are the fundamental aspects of American Exceptionalism. Their history and the fact that those concepts are in writing within the source documents of the United States (the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) and of Texas (the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) make them central to what makes the United States of America and Texas exceptional.

The very definition of “corruption” within the American system is a major deviation from those fundamental principles.

In Montgomery County, the single most corrupt county government in all of the State of Texas, nothing exemplifies the corruption more than the County government budget and the process by which the Commissioners Court haphazardly adopts it. Right now, the so-called new “Budget Office Director,” Amanda Carter, is resisting making available to the public the requested budgets and organizational charts of each Montgomery County government Department. As far as the elitist bureaucrats of the County government are concerned, the citizens have no business whatsoever viewing those requested budgets.

Why? Because those requested budgets reveal a local government that is completely out of control. Those requested budgets reveal the staking of claims to tens of millions of dollars in increased spending. County Commissioners and Department Directors want gigantic raises. All of them want more employees to build their fiefdoms regardless of the actual purposes of that they are to do for the citizens who are their real bosses.

Carter has been a Montgomery County government employee for less than 90 days yet the anti-citizen attitude of the entire corrupt County government has already infected her.

Citizens have sought assurance that the closed process that occurred during the Fiscal Year 2018 budget discussions will not occur again. Neither Carter, County Auditor Phyllis Martin, nor elitist lame duck County Judge Craig Doyal have responded in the slightest.

In every sense, these are people who are firmly out of control. They are people who hate citizen oversight. They are people who arrogantly believe they reside in a caste over and above the simpletons who vote some of them into office.

During July, 2017, the Commissioners Court held its so-called “budget hearings” from July 25 to July 28. Doyal prohibited citizens from speaking during the elitist event. After it was all over, Doyal and Martin refused to permit citizens to view the proposed budget until August 31, 2018, when they surreptitiously posted the budget with only five days for the citizens to review a $350 million budget that was more than 250 pages long.

As the September 5, 2017, Commissioners Court meeting revealed, it wasn’t just the citizens who were unable to ascertain what was actually in the budget. Even the Commissioners Court members and the County Judge were unable to follow the budget they voted to pass on a 4 to 1 vote. Citizens raised dozens of questions during the September 5, 2017, “public hearing.” The Commissioners Court could not and did not answer one of those questions. Of course, Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley’s constant swearing the Lord’s name over and over again as an interruptive background didn’t foster much of an atmosphere of communication.

The Commissioners Court, on September 5, 2017, adopted the highest governmental expenditure budget in the history of Montgomery County. After over two hundred budget amendments, passed without hearings after the Commissioners Court declared a state of “emergency” and “grave necessity,” the Montgomery County government will easily spend over $600 million, more than $272 million above the actual budget! (The County government has spent just over $550.944 million through the end of May, 2018!)

Let’s say that again but still in parentheses: (The County government has spent just over $550.944 million through the end of May, 2018!)

Are there budget amendments on the Commissioners Court agenda for June 12, 2018? Yes. For how much? More than $8,164,000.

Doyal, the Commissioners Court (Meador, Riley, Noack), the Budget Director (Carter), and the County Auditor (Martin) are corrupt, anti-American Exceptionalism, and anti-citizen.

What should citizens expect in the coming months? The Commissioners Court will spend every cent of the more than $45 million in increased property taxes they are charging the citizens through the aggressive actions of the Montgomery Central Appraisal District.




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