Part 2a of 3: Lame duck Doyal will call an un-Exceptional meeting to order

An angry and befuddled Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal clearly lost self-control and control of the Commissioners Court meeting on December 19, 2017.

Conroe, June 10 – When lame duck County Judge Craig Doyal calls the June 12, 2018, Commissioners Court meeting to order, two important events will occur at once. First, American Exceptionalism will be at the forefront of the entire world as President Donald Trump clearly leads a summit meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. That will symbolize American Exceptionalism, because it was the power of the people who put President Trump into office and continue to give him the moral support to fend of the transgressions of the liberal news media and the so-called “new world order” that seeks international control of state sovereignty.

By meeting with Kim, President Trump has shown the world that he has taken charge of one of the most intractable problems confronting all of us: proliferation of nuclear weapons into the hands of irresponsible individuals who might not observe the taboo of their use since the bombings which brought a swift end to the War in the Pacific at the end of World War Two. The most extreme nuclear abolitionist who lived in twentieth century world history was a man by the name of Ronald Reagan. As President, Reagan failed in his serious effort to abolish nuclear weapons altogether.

Second, at the local level, Montgomery County citizens will observe Doyal, completely lacking in all humility, run a Commissioners Court meeting as though he has won a giant electoral mandate to commit the County, its citizens, and its government to giant spending initiatives that he hopes will personally benefit Doyal and his pack of crony contractors and engineers for decades to come. Since losing the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election, Doyal has exhibited a complete disregard for the citizens of Montgomery County.

Doyal has impeded citizen comments and even gone so far as to arrest one citizen, Reagan Reed, for the mere act of desiring to speak on a political matter before the Commissioners Court. Doyal has gone headlong towards a secret budget process, turning 180 degrees from the previous method of his predecessor, former County Judge Alan B. Sadler.

Just like the problems that President Trump has faced in the federal government, Doyal has created a “deep state” in the County government with total darkness over the operations and plans for its future. Clearly, Doyal seeks to tie incoming County Judge Mark Keough’s hands entirely with a bloated bureaucracy committed to capital projects over decades to come.

There’s no American Exceptionalism at the top of the Montgomery County government. It’s a lame duck dictatorship that has nothing whatsoever to do with the will or the power of the People.



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