Pam Little Williamson, former Conroe lawyer, Bar President, dies in Beaumont

Pam Little Williamson (left) in a July, 2016, photograph.

Beaumont, March 15 – Pam Little Williamson, a former President of the Montgomery County Bar Association, Montgomery County community leader, and dear friend to many people inside and outside of the courthouse community, died unexpectedly this morning in Beaumont where she had recently moved.

Montgomery County Bar Association President Kate Shipman Bihm said in an announcement to the Montgomery County Bar Association, “I am saddened to inform you of the passing of one our colleagues, Pam Little Williamson, who has been residing in Beaumont.  Pam practiced in Conroe for many years, and was a mentor and friend to many of our members.  When we receive more information regarding services, I will inform the group.”

Former District Attorney and practicing Conroe criminal defense attorney Michael McDougal said, “Pam Williamson was a good friend.  She went out of her way to help me. She used to have really good parties during Mardi Gras and that’s a story in and of itself.  Pam and Pat Green helped me do everything I’ve done.”

Steve Green, a longtime probate and estates attorney in Conroe, said, “Pam was a dedicated hard worker that I had a lot of respect for and she had a commitment to law and justice in my opinion. She was a wonderful mediator with a stick to it attitude. I loved her sense of humor. We had great fun. She and her sister Angela and their mother were like family to the Greens. This loss is unexpected and a shock.”




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