O’Sullivan the Sage calls “unforced errors” on Riley, Doyal

The Sage, Bill O’Sullivan, spoke before the Montgomery County Commissioners Court on April 10, 2018. Since County Judge Doyal rudely interrupts O’Sullivan frequently, O’Sullivan set his own timer at the beginning of his comment.

Conroe, April 15 – Montgomery County’s “Sage,” Bill O’Sullivan, called “unforced errors” on Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley and County Judge Craig Doyal, at the April 10, 2018, Commissioners Court meeting. O’Sullivan was one of the last people to speak about the $76 to $85 million, 3 mile, TX 249 Tollway, also known as the Decimation of Hope Highway.

Doyal routinely interrupts O’Sullivan and rudely disrupts O’Sullivan’s citizen comments to the Commissioners Court. Therefore, O’Sullivan brought his own timer and openly set it at the beginning of his citizen comment.

The following is O’Sullivan’s citizen comment in its entirety:

“I’m Bill O’Sullivan from The Woodlands.

“A while back Stephanne Davenport came out and refused to release her procedures manual after advice that she should. This I called an ‘unforced error.’

“I’m going to address this to Commissioner Riley. 6 of 7 Primary voters in Precinct 2, not the ‘amen’ chorus that shows up here or in Austin, have voiced the opinion for getting a vote on the tollroads. If you ignore that, that would be an unforced error. Ms. Stuckey asked for an option to vote. She wants options. The people of Precinct 2 asked for the option to vote. That’s an option they want. The people of Precinct 2, not a few people, have asked for that.

“To ignore that with a runoff coming would be an unforced error. As Ronald Reagan famously said, ‘Here in America the people rule. Listen to them. Let them speak.’

“Judge Sadler said, and I sat in this courtroom when he said it and they were talking about tollroads, and he said, ‘if there are going to be tollroads, people are going to get to vote on them.’ He was a smart man. He understood the people. I’ve been involved more than 40 year in politics. You don’t do things against the overwhelming desires of the people just before elections.

“Let the people vote.”

Doyal didn’t look up at O’Sullivan during the entire citizen comment but rudely pretended to do something else behind his desk other than listening. Riley looked down and away from O’Sullivan during most of the citizen comment, although Riley turned beet red as the Sage delivered the truth, which was more than Riley could stand.



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