O’Sullivan Calls for County to Purchase X-Ray Machine for Montgomery County Animal Shelter

A kitten.
Political and animal activist Lynn O’Sullivan with husband and grandchild.

Conroe, February 14, 2017 – Conservative political activist and a leader of the animal-caring community, Lynn O’Sullivan, of The Woodlands, called for the Montgomery County Commissioners Court to purchase an x-ray machine for the Montgomery County Animal Shelter (MCAS). O’Sullivan reminded the five-person Commissioners Court that, “as our county leaders, you have a duty to the citizens and the animals of our community, as both are important parts of what makes our community the great place that it is.”

During a brief interview with The Golden Hammer O’Sullivan noted that each of the four County Commissioners are pulling many tens of thousands of dollars per year out of their accumulated fund balances from previous year’s budgets. Therefore, she suggested that they each donation a portion from those accumulated funds for the x-ray machine. In actuality, during the Fiscal Year 2017 budget process, the Commissioners Court withheld approximately $2 million of funds for MCAS because they did not trust then-MCAS Director Todd “Boss” Hayden. Some of those funds are still available for capital projects, including the much-needed x-ray machine.

In late September, 2016, a Woodlands couple informed Commissioner Jim Clark that they could provide an x-ray machine at no charge to the County. Commissioner Clark turned down the free offer. During October, 2016, the same couple offered to purchase a digital veterinary x-ray machine for MCAS. Once again, MCAS turned down the offer.

A veterinary x-ray machine is vital to the veterinary services of MCAS. In particular, the machine would assist the veterinary staff in identifying animals that needed urgent attention to alleviate pain from broken bones. The two offers of x-ray machines from The Woodlands couple occurred after the wife of the pair witnessed a kitten removed from MCAS on an emergency basis due to a broken leg from which it had suffered for several weeks before a volunteer insisted on taking the animal out of the Shelter for emergency care.

Hopefully, new MCAS Director Charles Jackson, who has become a superstar of animal care and customer relations to the entire Montgomery County community, will work closely with O’Sullivan and others to make arrangements for bringing an x-ray machine to the Shelter imminently.



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