Opportunities for Republican Unity! Part 3 of 3: How can the Montgomery County Republican Party unite?

Opportunities for Republican Unity! Part 3 of 3: How can the Montgomery County Republican Party unite?

Image: When Ronald Reagan served as President from 1981 to 1989, the Republican Party stood solidly and with unity behind him.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe and Magnolia, August 24  – This newspaper asked seven people two questions: “(1) How can the Montgomery County Republican Party unite? (2) What are the missions the Party must accomplish?” All of the seven people responded. Some of their answers were quite short and some were quite long. The answers appear as we received them.

(1) How can the Montgomery County Republican Party unite? (2) What are the missions the Party must accomplish?

Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Bryan Christ.

Bryan Christ: “Get Out The Vote. Support Legislative Priorities.”

(Editor’s Note: The Legislative Priorities are a short list of issues the Delegates to the State Republican Party of Texas Convention endorsed as priorities for the Texas Legislature to address and enact.)

State Representative Steve Toth, District 15. (Republican of The Woodlands and Conroe.)

Steve Toth: “The Montgomery County Republican Party has strayed from the basic mission, to engage the electorate for the purpose of recruiting and electing people who will stand and fight for a Republican form of government. The party has has deteriorated in to two groups who agree on 99.9% of the issues and instead of forging ahead on what they do agree on they’ve stayed focused on what separates them.”

Eric Yollick, Editor of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper.

Eric Yollick: “The Montgomery County Republican Party should unite in General Elections, supporting Republican Nominees who have won the Republican Primary unconditionally with organization, volunteers, and money. That is the entire purpose of the Party.

“Until approximately eight (8) years ago, the Montgomery County Republican Party strictly followed the ‘eleventh commandment’ of Ronald Reagan, which is ‘you should speak no ill of a fellow Republican.’ No member of the Party’s leadership should ever speak ill of a fellow Republican, not in General Elections, not in Primary Elections, or otherwise. In other words, if someone is a Party official, the County Chairman, the Vice Chairman, all of the officers, all of the Precinct Chairs, and all of the Party Committee members, should never speak ill of anyone running for office as a Republican or holding office as a Republican. The Montgomery County Republican Party must follow that rule and must broadly stay completely neutral in any contest between two Republicans. Family members of Republican Party officials must also be completely neutral in contests between two Republicans.

“Until 2014, the Montgomery County Republican Party followed those rules. When it stopped doing so, the Party naturally disintegrated.”

Montgomery County Republican Party Precinct Chair Ginger Russell.

Ginger Russell: “Have a Chairman not financially tied to local political candidates. There is no way he can chair impartially at this time and adhere to current bylaws.”

Montgomery County Republican Party Precinct Chairman John Hill Wertz.

John Hill Wertz: “False unity is never to be sought at the expense of the truth (with biblical principles as a foundation). Some of our politicians, their sycophants and others would do well to remember the blanket call for unity, without addressing the issues that divide us, is a fools’ errand. And the core derived from those biblical principles is our Republican Party of Texas platform.

“As to the mission of the party, it is to recruit, support, and elect conservative Republicans and then hold them accountable. And continue exposing the corruption within the county and those in the party who engage in it.”
Jon Bouche,  Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman.

Jon Bouche: “I think the term ‘incommensurable’ best describes our situation with the Republican Party in Montgomery County and, apparently, all across Texas and the rest of the country right now.  At the root of the problem is we have two disparate groups with very different values operating under and competing for control of the Republican brand.

“One group sees the power in the Republican brand so they wear it as a costume to get their candidates elected.  And I firmly believe that when the day comes that the Republican brand is no longer of use to them, they will discard it and assume the identity of whatever other party or group they believe can get them and their cronies into positions of power and influence.

“The other group, which I am a part of, believes in the principles of the Republican Party and takes offense to people who just use the Republican brand to get into office.  This group wants to elect candidates who have a fidelity to the Republican party principles and they have observed that once the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) get into office, they do just about as much damage as the Democrats.

“So really the ONLY way to unite the party, is for the party to unite around the party principles and platform which the RINOs will never do.

“If you ever work the polls, you will note that the RINOs are out in full force in the Primary masquerading as Conservatives and even locking arms and working with the Democrats in our open Primary against the true Conservatives on the ballot.  But when the General Election rolls around, the RINOs are nowhere to be found unless they are at the polls opposing and disparaging Conservatives in the non-partisan races on the ballot.

“You will also note that after years of saying many awful things against the Tea Party only to see that movement grow in power and influence, in 2014 we saw these RINOs show up at the polls in t- shirts with the words ‘Tea Party’ on them just to get voters to vote for their candidates.  Our County Chairman was one of those people working the polls in one of those t-shirts and he ended up being on the front page of the local paper when they did a story about the fake Tea Party.

“Today, we see our Chairman and many of those same ‘Fake Tea Party’ folks with their new PAC which they deceptively named ‘The Republican Voters of Texas PAC’ and their new group the ‘Montgomery County Republican Club’ which they use to fool voters into thinking that they are the actual Republican Party.

“So how is this reconcilable when one side wants to either control the brand, steal it or destroy it, while the other side is simply trying to protect it and adhere to the Republican Party platform and principles?

“In summary…..these RINOs are not us and they are perfectly comfortable in working with Democrats allowing the Democrats to have a foothold as long as they get their RINO candidates into office.  I think they are being shortsighted and are making deals with the devil and if we don’t stop them, we are all going to deeply regret it (See Harris County).

“Our Chairman did a podcast with the head of the local Democrat Party about ‘purple politics.’  Why give the Dems a platform and legitimize their policies and beliefs?  Makes no sense to me at all.

“As for me, I will continue to stand for my Christian values and the limited government beliefs as expressed in the Republican Party Preamble, Principles and Platform.  Doing so has put me at odds with the RINOs and the Democrats.  So be it.”

Precinct 1 Montgomery County Commissioner Robert Walker (center).

Robert Walker: “Everyone needs to put their personal differences aside and unite as one party. A strong Republican Party or Montgomery County will lose. As far as a mission, to me it would be to support our nominees. Stick to our values as Christians and Republicans. This is what made our county and our nation great.”




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