Ogden arrested for deadly road rage, Constable Hayden’s team takes care of business

Raging perp Brandon Ogden, in custody.

Conroe, July 7 – Around 8:30 p.m. on July 6, 2017, Montgomery County Precinct 4 deputies responded to a deadly conduct call on Highway 242 in Conroe. Deputies were able to locate and stop the suspect vehicle, as well as the complainant’s vehicle; a felony stop was conducted due to the reports of shots fired from the suspect vehicle. The driver of the suspect vehicle was Brandon Ogden, 21 years of age from Lumberton, TX.

The investigation revealed that Ogden and the complainant were traveling down Highway 242 when Ogden blew a large air horn he had installed on his truck. The complainant pulled beside Ogden at a traffic light and asked him why he did that and that the complainant had his 3 year old daughter asleep in the back of the truck. As the vehicles continued on the roadway, Ogden blew the air horn multiple times and swerved towards the complainant’s vehicle. At some point both vehicles pulled to the side of the road where a verbal confrontation took place. During the confrontation, Ogden pulled a gun and pointed it towards the head of the complainant. Both parties separated and began driving with Ogden following the complainant. The complainant slowed to allow Ogden to pass. As Ogden was passing he told the complainant he would “kill him.” While Ogden was driving in front of the complainant, he pointed the pistol out of the driver’s side window and fired an unknown amount of rounds.

During the investigation, deputies located a semi-automatic handgun in the passenger seat of Ogden’s truck, matching the description which the complainant had given. Ogden was placed in custody for misdemeanor Deadly Conduct, as well as misdemeanor Reckless Driving.

On scene photograph, which Constable Hayden’s Office provided.




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