Newspaper Death Watch Marches On


Conroe, January 21 – Traditional newspapers are dying for two primary reasons. First, many of the newspapers hide the truth and have taken on a liberal pro-government bias of which citizens are sick and tired. Second, the quality of the reporting and investigative journalism has deteriorated to terrible levels. Many newspapers now just report stories that local governments feed them. Many newspapers have become loudspeakers for their local governments.

As President Trump’s Inaugural Address noted on January 20, people are rising against the political establishment and are taking their nation back.

In Montgomery County, Texas, people are rising against the political establishment and taking their nation back. They simply will not tolerate “business as usual.” They will not tolerate the massive spending, waste, corruption, anti-ethical, and nepotistic practices of the Montgomery County government under Craig Doyal, Charlie Riley, Mike Meador, and Jim Clark.

When the local newspaper becomes the apologist for the corrupt and seeks to hide the truth and attack those who seek to bring the truth to light, people move away from the local newspapers in enlightened droves.

For an excellent discussion of the death of newspapers, The Golden Hammer recommends:



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