New Year brings College Football Bowls, excitement

Adrian Kaiser and Kohlton Baker.

Adrian Kaiser, Guest Sports Writer to The Golden Hammer

The Alabama Crimson Tide will face the Ohio State Buckeyes in the College Football National Championship Game.

Alabama versus Notre Dame

Alabama and Notre Dame played the Rose Bowl in Dallas.  Alabama was the favorite to win the game by 18 points.

During the 1st Quarter, Alabama came out swinging by scoring 14 points and holding Notre Dame to 0. In the Third Quarter, Bama also prevented Notre Dame from scoring.

Notre Dame’s strongest quarter was the ultimate Fourth Quarter when they held the Crimson Tide to a field goal, while Notre Dame ran the ball well and scored a touchdown.

The final score was 31-14 in favor of Alabama, which was one point shy of the spread.

Clemson versus Ohio State

In Louisiana, Clemson took on Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl. Clemson was the favorite to win the game by 7 points.

The game started out very interesting with both teams scoring 14 points. During the 2nd quarter, the game really stepped up as Ohio State was able to score three touchdowns and was able to stop Clemson from scoring.

During the 3rd and 4th quarters Ohio State defense figured out Trevor Lawrence, the quarterback for Clemson. Nothing really changed as both teams in both quarters scored a touchdown.

The final score of the game was 49 to 28 in favor of Ohio State.

After weathering criticism from the naysayers when Ohio State made it into the Playoffs, Ohio State sought to prove them wrong and did so, after only playing six regular season games.

Cotton Bowl: Florida versus Oklahoma

Florida played Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Before the game Oklahoma was the favorite to win by 7.5 points.

Oklahoma came out swinging, scoring 17 points to Florida’s 3. During the Second Quarter, Florida started to come back but only scored 10 points to Oklahoma’s 14.

During the 3rd quarter Oklahoma increased their lead by 14 points. During the final quarter of the game, Florida was able to score a touchdown but was unable to stop Oklahoma which was able to score to a combined total of 14 points. The Final Score of the game was 55 – 20.

Kohlton Baker said, “With 3 wide receivers and a starter tight end missing the game due to positive covid results and opting out for the NFL draft, Kyle Trask had lost his weapons in the secondary. Trask is a very talented quarterback but struggled in a game of this magnitude. Oklahoma had figured out how to make the Gators less effective in the running game and, with Trask throwing to receivers he had not thrown to all season, he couldn’t really predict how they would run their routes. The Gators seemed to try to make adjustments but by the time that would have taken effect, Oklahoma had already had the upper hand for too long and the momentum of the game was already too much in the Sooners favor. Both teams had very good seasons and are not to be taken lightly, but, with so many players being out for Florida, the Gators basically had their second string playing this game, which ultimately could not match up to the starting line up for Oklahoma.”

Peach Bowl: Georgia versus Cincinnati

In Atlanta, Georgia and Cincinnati played the Peach Bowl with Georgia favored to win by 8.5 points.

Georgia won 24 to 21.

Fiesta Bowl: Iowa State versus Oregon

Iowa State had a 4 point line over Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl, but won the game 34 to 17.

Orange Bowl: Texas A&M versus North Carolina

Traveling out to Miami for the Orange Bowl, Texas A&M played North Carolina. A&M was favored to win by 10 Points.

Starting out in the 1st quarter, the Aggies scored a touchdown and held North Carolina to a field goal.

During the 2nd quarter both teams came out to a relatively even score, both scoring a touchdown and a field goal.

During the 3rd quarter the Tar Heels preventing Texas A&M from scoring.  During the 4th quarter the Aggies apparently woke up and were able to roll over the Tar Heels and score a whopping 24 points,  Meanwhile the Aggie defense was able to hold North Carolina to only one touchdown.

The Aggies came out on top for the Orange Bowl win with a score of 41 to 27.





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