Nation Celebrates Presidents Day Holiday

Conroe, February 20 – The United States of America celebrates Presidents Day, a national holiday, today. This nation has had some really great presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan, to name a few. We’ve had some very entertaining presidents: Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft. We’ve also had some very disappointing presidents: Warren Harding, Richard Nixon, and Barack Obama.

It’s a holiday, however, and that means that we shouldn’t just celebrate those men. We should celebrate each other.

It’s a Montgomery County holiday. Unfortunately, the County government spending will continue. Sometimes, the spending seems unstoppable. The schools are on holiday.

There’s an interesting fact about our Presidents of the United States. Do you realize that no person has ever served as President and also in both of the other two branches of the federal government during his life?

Here’s a trivia question: Who is the ONLY President of the United States to serve in Congress AFTER he was the President?



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