“My clients will not work with her clients on any level or they will not be my clients”: The Davenports’ direct interference with County government (The Davenports, Part 6)

“My clients will not work with her clients on any level or they will not be my clients”: The Davenports’ direct interference with County government (The Davenports, Part 6)

Image: Left to right: Wayne Mack, Stephanne Davenport, and Marc Davenport, April 9, 2017. A major issue in the 2018 elections will undoubtedly be the Davenports’ use of threats and blocks to interfere with County business and political discourse through their and their clients’ intimidation tactics.

Conroe, June 7 – Local political consultant Marc Davenport and his wife County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport utilize two primary methods of gaining competitive advantage over Davenport’s public relations competitors. As readers of The Golden Hammer have already seen in recent articles, both Davenports threaten elected officials, such as Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and City Councilman Duane Ham, who dare even to socialize or communicate with people the Davenports don’t like. Those people whom the Davenports don’t like are, in their view, the “haters” to use Stephanne Davenport’s terminology.

A second method which the Davenports utilize to attempt to compete is far more disruptive to the operations and management of the Montgomery County government, however. In his own words, Marc Davenport, who sent a lengthy and very threatening email to the husband of one of his public relations competitors (with name of competitor changed to “PR Consultant” to protect the victim) on January 3, 2015, included the following threat:

“Stephanne and I have no social conflicts personally or professionally with PR Consultant and want none, as of right now we know of no conflicts or at least not with anyone close to PR Consultant. So if that develops PR Consultant caused it. People in government know you, not her. My clients will not work with her clients on any level or they will not be my clients. None currently exist that create this conflict. As long as she does not attempt to disrupt or insert herself, there should be no conflicts.”

The Davenports’ direct interference with County government operations is something the general public has glimpsed. The Davenports’ clients include Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack, Precinct 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden, County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport, Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace James Metts, Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace candidate Jason Dunn, and Sheriff Rand Henderson. They don’t work with or communicate with the “haters,” as the Davenports direct.

Here are some examples of Davenport clients threatening or blocking to aid the Davenports’ competitors for power and public relations work.

Davenport insisted on “nasty tactics” but when PR Consultant refused, those same methods fell against her

PR Consultant explained,

“It all started because I wouldn’ t listen to Marc [Davenport] when he wanted me to convince my candidate running for Conroe ISD Board of Trustees to do nasty tactics. I refused. He said his political allies were powerful and my candidate would win. I still refused. This made him angry. He called me on January 2, 2015, after Stephanne was installed [as Treasurer] and wanted to come speak with me in person. I refused to see him . The conversation was intimidating and I thought of calling Rowdy [Hayden, Precinct 4 Constable]. I didn’t know that Rowdy was one of his candidates at the time. He uses threats and intimidation freely and must be stopped.”

Mack’s threats

PR Consultant confirmed that Mack confronted PR Consultant at Mack’s first annual prayer breakfast and threatened PR Consultant for PR Consultant’s “friendship with Marie Moore.”

The intimidation tactics against PR Consultant continued, as she has explained to The Golden Hammer:

“In 2015, Mack [Wayne Mack, Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace] confronted me rudely at a Noon Lions Club meeting for having Marie [Moore] as my friend. Stephanne [Davenport] threatened me at a Montgomery County Association of Business Women meeting and told me to call Amy Doyal [County Judge’s wife] and make things right that day or I would suffer the consequences.”

Mack’s confrontation with PR Consultant at the Lions Club was approximately one year after his infamous threatening text message to Moore on April 8, 2014, in which Mack, a sitting judge, wrote:

“You need to give your heart to Jesus. Because the rest of you belongs to Marc [Davenport] and he wants his reputation back.”

Since The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, broke the story about Mack’s threatening text message, Mack has begun a Davenportesque public relations campaign to obfuscate his written threats against Moore and his verbal threats against Moore’s friends. Mack has never explained any rationale for his making threats against Moore in the text message he sent as a sitting judge to the longtime County employee. Mack has failed to explain any excuse for his threatening comments against Moore during 2015. Mack has failed to explain why he’d confront a competitor of Davenport’s in a hostile manner during a prayer meeting in order to threaten her. Mack has failed to explain why he’d confront that same Davenport competitor at other gatherings, such as the Lions Club, during 2015.  In short, Mack has failed to explain why, as a sitting judge in this community, he felt he was justified to persecute others who failed to follow the Davenports’ political demands.

The bottom line

Davenport threatened, “My clients will not work with her clients on any level or they will not be my clients.” Apparently, Davenport’s clients tow that party line and actually won’t work with others in government and politics who are clients of Davenport’s public relations competitors.

Since reform in Montgomery County requires substantial reductions in wasteful spending along with well thought out increases in law enforcement funding, people within the County government should work together and not follow consultants’ childish demands placed upon them to try to force them not to fulfill some of their job duties, which include communicating with others inside and outside of the County government.

The Davenports’ obsessive and over-bearing demands upon their clients not to work with public servants who happen to utilize the services of Davenport competitors have made defenestration of the Davenports from the body politic an important point in any real reform agenda for the Montgomery County community.




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