Movie Review: The Legend of Barney Thomson

Cyberspace, July 3 – “The Legend of Barney Thomson” is one of the funniest and most creative movies you’ll have seen in a long time. It stars Robert Carlyle, Emma Thompson, and Ray Winstone. It was in theaters in 2015 and is now available on Amazon and other online movie providers.

The movie is a tale of a barber in Glasgow, Scotland, who has problems in his career, with his personality, and, of course, with his mother, whom Thompson portrays in the movie. The screenplay and cinematography of the movie are both amazing.

Carlyle, who is a very strange person in real life, is the perfect actor to portray the lead role. Ray Winstone makes very entertaining any movie involving criminal investigations. Readers may recall Withrone as the lead in the 2000 movie “Sexy Beast.” (“Sexy Beast” has the best opening scene of any movie ever!) Thompson is always a great character actress.

The story begins with serious issues inside the barber shop where the title character has worked for two decades. He just doesn’t have the right personality to be a barber in a shop where the customers have an affinity for boxing and conversation about other matters. He’s a purist who’d like to focus on giving good haircuts. Unfortunately, his customers expect good conversation as well, which doesn’t work out very well for Barney.

Sadly, for Barney Thomson, his life takes a serious turn very quickly. Thomson discovers some interesting things about his mother and about his father (who never appears in the movie) along the way.

When you watch movies with Scottish characters in a Scottish setting, it’s often helpful to play the subtitles even though the entire movie is in English. The subtitles themselves are one of the entertaining aspects of this movie. So remember to have the closed captioning turned on.

The movie has a superb ending that all of the brave men and women in law enforcement might appreciate, or, then again, they might not.

The movie is probably not appropriate for children.

Either way, “Barney Thomson” is a movie to watch for some summer fun if you’re willing to get past the Scottish brogue.






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