Morning Extra! Record-salaried Puckett retires as highest-paid secretary, Meador even more lost than ever!

Announcement that Mike Meador even more lost than ever.

Willis, June 4 – Precinct 1 Commissioner Mike Meador’s wife, Janie Meador, who rules the Meador clan with an iron fist, announced that, with Jule Puckett’s retirement as the highest-paid secretary in the history of Montgomery County, Commissioner Meador is even more lost than ever in the past. That’s a frightening statement considering his state of fluster which the public has witnessed previously.

Puckett retired from Montgomery County on May 31, 2017. She received approximately $160,000 per year in wages, massive overtime, and benefits. Under the County government’s retirement “plan,” the taxpayers will support Puckett in pension payments, health benefits, and other benefits for the rest of her life.

No wonder Puckett and Meador are having such a good laugh at the hard-working taxpayers in the picture. We work for them.



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