MORNING EXTRA! Mack’s hateful July 28 comments towards activist Cook now reveal him as the fool

Wayne Mack, left, with his “favorite county commissioner” Mike Meador. Does that mean that Meador gets his toilet cleaned more than twice a day?

Conroe, August 20 – In several hateful comments directed at Montgomery County Citizens Budget Committee member and renowned conservative political activist Kelli Cook, Wayne Mack revealed his hatefulness, anti-citizen bias, and ignorance. Mack even defended the Montgomery County Custodial Maintenance Department’s practice of over-cleaning County Commissioner bathroom facilities.

In light of the documents The Golden Hammer brought to light this morning where Head Janitor Lorena Garcia secretly told County Departments right after the July “budget workshop” that she was going to reduce the amount of custodial services across the County government, Mack’s comments look even more foolish.

After the Citizens Budget Committee recommended a reduction in the massively-top-heavy salaries of the County’s Custodial Maintenance Department, Mack unleashed a rant which he deleted from his comments the next day. The Citizens Budget Committee based its recommendations upon the far less expense of a number of counties with similar square footage of county buildings.

Since Mack oversaw the Custodial Maintenance Department until 2013 and “mentored” Garcia, it’s not particularly surprising that the results of his work are a managerial mess. Mack’s court budget is a mess and his efficiency is among the lowest of the Justice of the Peace courts.

The following is the colloquy between Mack and Cook on July 28. Mack’s bizarre rant is below the Mack-Cook colloquy.

Here is Mack’s rant from July 26, 2017.

Now, that it’s apparent Garcia openly lied to the public about the threat of “sick building syndrome” in public buildings and that she knew good and well that the County government could – and would – reduce custodial services right after the “budget workshop,” Mack looks even more foolish and malicious.

Of course, the real – and unrepentant – Wayne Mack shines through in his infamous April 8, 2014 post to a County employee:

The foregoing post is Mack using the Lord’s name in vain to threaten a County employee with the power and malice of his controller, Marc Davenport, local political consultant and political boss.



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